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Hard-SPL - Flashing ROMs - Titan Unlocker - Click Here!

The Unlocker is done, go download it

EDIT by ImCoKeMaN:
New version 2.40 for GPS rom etc.:
EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: This unlocker will ONLY work for updates with GPS enabled radio's and roms. However, this update for the unlocker is required for and GPS enabled custom roms. Old and new SPL/roms are not mix and match.

This is actually from an MFG bootloader which means it has extra internal commands like rtask if you are into that stuff too =)
note: This update can not be run by extracting the files and just running the RUU. If the self extracting executable doesn't work for you just run the .bat file to get everything started. It has directions from there (same idea as the relocker if ya want more direct instructions).

Olipro has been making Hard-SPL patches for a long time on xda, but this is the first for a CDMA device. If you aren't familiar with the concept I encourage you to read a few of the threads over at xda. Once I found a way to load a working copy of a custom SPL for the Titan, Olipro offered to patch the SPL for this device so that it will have the same features as his other Hard-SPL patches. Then he wrapped it all in to one nice neat package like the others.

What does this do?

Originally Posted by Olipro
it firstly prevents you from bricking your phone from a bad flash.

it secondly allows you to flash any ROM to the device, including custom ROMs; without a patched SPL, you can't flash anything except HTC updates for your brand.
Help I'm stuck in the bootloader screen!

If the device says 1.20.Olipro and remains that way after a reset you can use the tool from this thread:
Stuck in TITAN bootloader? Read this!

I'm worried about Warranty coverage!
There is now a Titan ReLocker that will put a Stock 1.06 BL on your device you can get it here:

I still have more questions about everything!

This thread has become long and covering many different topics. If you have problems with different roms, custom roms, Bootscreens, NBH tools or anything other than Hard-SPL itself, please post in an appropriate thread or start a new one if you find nothing after a search.
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IPL: 1.00
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Shamelessly accepting donations for Hard-SPL, CustomRUU and Athena-Unlocker/Hard-SPL

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