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Re: RSTG Roms - Sense 2.5 WM6.5_21876_5.01 .-. 11/27/09

What's inside the following OEM Notes:
Battery_Enh_v1.5 - battery polling tweak, and other misc battery tweaks.

Includes the following 17 Games:
- Installs to \Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Games ........................DopeWars, Kevtris, Pocket Sand, Pocket Video Poker, Tripzee.
- Installs to \Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Games\Arcade ..............PacMan, Ms. Pacman, Frogger, , GemSwap, ICBM, Distant Galaxies.
- Installs to \Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Games\Card Games ........Freecell, Hearts.
- Installs to \Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Games\Strategy ............MasterMind, Rubik Cube, Chess, Pocket Sudoku, Crosswords.

--- Total Commander w/Tweak for 2 window mode, "\" and "\Storage Card\". And sorted by name.
--- PHM RegEdit
--- KeePass Password Manager
--- PIMBackup v2.8
--- Spb Screen Shot
--- Pocket Rar v3.71

zzz_My_Files_Dia_OEM - Custom Boot screens

zzz_My_Registry_OEM - I wonder...

zzz_My_Sounds_OEM - Customized Rom Sounds
- Ringer: Third Rock from the Sun Theme
- ActiveSync Connect: "Device Connected to activesync"
- ActiveSync DisConnect: "Device Disconnected from activesync"
- Text Messages: "You have a text message boss.."
- New Email: "New Email has arrived"

zzz_My_Start_Menu_ppcKitchen_v2.0_OEM - Customized Start Menu Sorted

Change Log:
To do:
- Tweak battery
- Tweak Start Menu more
Version Sense v5.1x
Version Sense v5.17
- Added apps_Fart_Machine_V2 - hibby50's fart recordings
- Added apps_no2chem_nueTools_nuePackageInstaller - OEM installer
- Added apps_PDACraft_paint_v1.1 - Paint for the PocketPC
- Added apps_PockeTwit_v76 - Twitter
- Added apps_Sliding_Sound_Pack_v2 - 20 Sliding Keyboard Sounds
- Added apps_TinyTwitterPPC_v1_8_4 - Twitter
--- GInvaders; Caver; Diamond Beer v2; Tangled Bugs; Pipes; Rubik; Connecting Jigsaw
--- Net Hack; ICBM; Dope Wars; Cubicle Chaos; Crosswords; Click Ball; All Mobile Mines
--- NavTetris; Pocket Uno; BattleShip; Chess; Soduko; Tripzee!
- Added apps_UltraG.265.133.ARM - Another paint program
- Reverted to Office classic...done.
- Removed that funky graphics pack...done.
- Upgraded to NetCF v3.7...done.
- Added Change Screen 2.78...done.
- Updated Program_Tab_Manila_2_5_V_1_0_3...done.
Version Sense v5.16
- Fixed issue with scrolling blurr in AppointmentEditor_1_0_1920_2410...done.
--- Replaced SharedResource_1_0_19213622_00...done.
--- Replaced HTCFramework_1_5_19213632_00...done.
- Fixed problem with messaging sim card error...done.
- Tweaked problems w/HTC Album...done.
- Added apps_FONT_ENHANCEMENTS. Nice new look!...done.
- Added Touch InCall Screen Tweak 1.2.0...done.
- Several other misc tweaks/enhancements...done.
- Restored older initflashfiles.txt. Custom menus...done.
Version Sense v5.14
- Added fix for occassional graphics problem to Locker RC2.1...done.
- Removed gfxboost, caused problems with the camera not working 1st time...done.
- Added Program_Tab_Manila_2_5_rstoyguy and populated w/stuff...done.
- Upgraded to Office 2010...done.
- Added Apps_TPC_Task_Manager_X2_6_5_3...done.
- Added NoData, fixes data always on...done.
- Upgraded to OperaMini 5 beta 2...done.
- Removed other transparent mods...done.
- Fixed Tweeter footer page text...done.
- Added Vet_Transparent_Clock_and_Panels...done.
- Managed some start menu duplicates...done.
- Several other additions/tweaks. Hey it's been a week or so!...done.

Version Sense v5.13
- Updated to Manila_1921_Home_Locker_RC2.1...done. 
- Updated to HTCSense_amarullzNoMessagingClient_2.0.0-BETA3...done.
- Added apps_eReader_PocketPC_v3_03...done.
- Upgraded to apps_WindowsLive_v10.7.0500.2000...done.
- Added apps_WMMarketPlace_v1.1.1109.0000...done.
- Added Games - x_Sliver_Minesweeper...done.
- Added Navigation - TeleNav_Sprint_PPC_5_5_18...done.
Version Sense v5.12
- Upgraded to amarullzNoMessagingClient_2.0.0-BETA2.1...done.
-- Now with messaging in landscape!...done.
- Added HTC BirthDay_1_2_0_0.  Taskbar "candle" notifications...done.
- Upgraded to Album 3.2.19291925.1...done.
-- Fixes the Pic&Vid Tab dance to change BG4ALL...done.
Version Sense v5.11
- Fixed Opera 10 beta 2 and set as default in Manila...done. 
- Clock set to clear background...done.
- Added Skyfire v110.13052 browser...done.
- Optimized Mail, Calendar, Picture, and Music Tabs. Fast!...done.
Version Sense v5.10
- Upgraded to Manila_1921_Home_Locker_RC2...done.
-- All ya gotta do is turn it on in "Settings-Personalize-Manila Locker".
-- Suspend TimeOut set to 30 seconds.
- Fixed GoogleFish internet issue...done.
- Disabled Internet Connection Bubble...done.
- Fixed problem that wouldn't let users set BG4ALL...done.
-- Ya still gotta do the "Album" dance to change.
- Added PhoneCallHistory-White...done.
- Several Misc Registry fixes...done.
Version Sense v5.09
- Fixed Album Art not updateing properly...done.
- Disabled Home Locker in settings...done.
- Added Badger's Manila Icons...done.
- Removed Curtain and Panel graphics...done.
- Updated apps_QuickMenu_2_8_414_w6_Manila...done.
- Added apps_LumosSetupV10RC2...done.
Version Sense v5.08
- Deleted iLock from S2U2 to disable it, but left in the rom...done.
- Added Batteries to S2Us...done.
- Upgraded Manila_1921_HOME_LOCKER_RC1...done.
- Relocated hTorch in startmen...done.
- Added  SIP - Swype 1.0.3644.3645...done.
- Replaced StartMenu Orb with HTC Logo Icon...done.
Version Sense v5.07
- New Dialer for Sense - QILIN_PhoneCanvas_VGA_amarullz...testing.
- Fixed shortcut in 12 QuickLink for Bing...done.
Version Sense v5.06
- Update Total Commander/CE v2.52B2...done.
- Tweaked on StartMenu (program rearranging)...done.
- Added "disabled" S2U2 v2.14 for inqiring minds...done. 
- Added Manila_v2.1_USA_Cities_Weather_DB...done.
- Added PPC_Manila_2_1_WeatherCityEditor (slow w/USWeatherCities)...done.
- Removed SprintTV, never worked anyway...done.
Version Sense v5.05
- Fix icon's #10, #11 on 12_QuickLink launcher...done.
- Fixed Flipping Clock...done.
- Fixed GSM SMS error...done.
- Fixed SMS Messaging...done.
- Unlocked BG4All where it can be changed...done.
Version Sense v5.04
- From XDA Updated: 
-- Core, stock, Internet Tab, 12 QuickLauncher, 
-- HTC Messaging Client w/ PeopleMessageClassic v1.50...done.
- Updated CleanRAM to 1.91...done.
- Tweaked Stock Tabs content with custom stocks...done
- Replaced circles animation wallpaper w/ vevito's winter animation...done.
Version Sense v5.02
- Add Custom LockScreen...done.
- Change to Tachi Dialer...done. 
- Tweaked InterNet Push Settings...done.
- Tweaked 20 ShortCuts a little...done.
- Switched to Sprint_Arcsoft_MMS_5_0_82_79...done.
- Added Finger Keyboard no Arrows...done.
- Added Generic Carrier version.  "S" is Sprint, "G" is Generic...done.
How to setup User Customization Links:
For UC here are a couple good threads: User Customization setup
and the original over at xda: [App] ROM Flashing Junkies: User Customization is here
and...Post Your SDconfig.txt, provisioning.xml, etc. Files Here!

Known Issues:
- None

- To "reset" BG4ALL, navigate to the "Photos & Video" tab and open album then close it. This "unlocks" the setting in bg4all tab functionality from both the SettingTab or the Main-Menu-HomeWallpaper. You must open Album from the P&V tab every time.

Rom Quirks and How To:
Get rid of QuickMenu : Delete \windows\startup\QuickMenu.lnk, reboot.

Get rid of Batti Battery Guage : Delete \windows\startup\Batti.lnk, reboot.
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