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toolz 01-16-2011 05:54 AM

Moment stuck in 1x
I have an EVO but my wife has had a moment for a little over a year now. Last week it started only picking up 1x data at our house (well everywhere but started at house.) I know we get EVDO because we have for years and my EVO still gets it there. But here phone will only pick up 1x.

While 1x is streaming data it will roll calls to voicemail. So to fix that I just have it picking up my wifi at house and it gets calls fine. It was rooted last year. It has Caulkins 2.1 from early 2010 so I updated it to the latest Sprint official release. Did a a factory reset wiped cache and still only get 1x. (at work now in a different town EVO still gets 3g/EVDO).

Here's the interesting part as if the issue itself is not retarded enough already.

I did a PRL update after flashing/wiping and for about 60 seconds it will stream EVDO but then goes right back to 1x.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. In the meanwhile I may try another ROM

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