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dLo 05-17-2010 05:27 PM

getting new phone...
so i was wondering since i went and asked the TP2 users about the TP2, i figured i would come ask you guys what the moment was like. I am looking at buying either the TP2 or the Moment. Only reason i haven't made a decision is because i am paying full price for the phone and dont want to make a mistake in purchasing a phone i do not like. I was wondering how customizable the moment is. Like can i download or get an emulator on the moment for old school NES or SNES games? or is there and app i can get to play them? I owned a TP1 and had too much trouble with it and love my brothers moto droid and was wondering if the moment was somewhat similar? I am really torn as to which phone i should get. Does this phone do everyday tasks easily like web browsing, email, MMS/SMS without being slow as shit? I want to be able to browse the web without being limited as to where i can go or what i can do. And if the apps are anything like the droid then i know i will really enjoy that. I want to hear from experienced users what this phone can and cannot do cause we all know sprint sales only wants you to buy a new phone and most of them dont know jack about the phone or what its capable of.

lfrp 05-17-2010 11:41 PM

Re: getting new phone...
yes,you can get an emulator to play nes or snes, and other emulators too..
i had the tp2 before only for a couple of months and gave it to my brother and got the moment and is a really cool phone, android is the best, now with the recent 2.1 update even better.

sprintgirl 05-17-2010 11:59 PM

Re: getting new phone...
All android phones have access to the same Android Market. So the aps will be the same. The moment has a faster processor but with the Sense on the Hero it seems to pretend to be faster sometimes. IMO the Hero streams video better and has better browser capabilities as it supports some flash content, but you sacrifice the hardware keyboard, trackpad, and flash on the camera for the 7 screens, 5.0 mp camera and ever present HTC quality. I will say though that the Moment's screen (picture clarity and vibrant display) are beautiful. You will probably enjoy android over windows because of the entertainment value and easy access to aps. There are tons of aps to help customize your phone on the android market and even more to keep you busy playing games, making your life easier and bringing media straight to you without the search party spending hours looking for the right .cab or .exe to get your phone to do what you want it to. One more thing, be prepared for the touch experience to be different. The moment and hero's touch screen technology is no longer pressure sensitive like the touch pro so no fingernails, stylus, keys or whatever else you used to tap on your screen, skin only on these new phones.

htcman724 05-23-2010 11:33 PM

Re: getting new phone...
dude just wait till june 4 and get the evo.

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