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styckx 04-07-2010 08:37 PM

A nightmare resolved
I'm pretty shocked how a problem that had a simple resolution was answered, not by Sprint or their insurance carrier, but by these forums.

Overview: Purchased a moment, dropped it already and the front screen is a spider web of cracks. No bleeding etc, touch screen still works and everything is readable.

Went to honor my insurance and the company they out source to wanted me to download a PDF, fill that out, scan my license (and enlarge it for them also) and fax it to them to "further prove for security reasons your identity". I told them literally that will never happen. They kindly told me also they will never budge on it. Sprint service rep even called them for me again and they even told him "No, he has to do it"

So, I considered just killing this line and eating the remaining cost of the phone. I spoke to a nice Sprint service manager about it, and he agreed the hoops they are asking me to jump through is a bit excessive.

So, here is where I was floored. I decided to wait before canceling and google for spart parts etc. I found out through a thread on here that Sprint will repair my problem in store, no insurance for a fee. So I called and was quoted $120 and should be done very quickly depending on how many people are in the store.

How did Sprint miss this? A simple qualifying question and they could have just said "Go to one of our stores and we'll do it for $120 instead of $100 through the insurance".

So, a happy ending and will cost me $20 more. I know I'm stubborn but I'd rather eat a few hundred dollars and the phone than downloading pdf's and scanning my drivers license and fax it over to god knows where for god knows who to have floating around their cubical center.

rainfreak 04-07-2010 09:36 PM

Re: A nightmare resolved
That's interesting that Assurian is requiring a copy of claimant's drivers license now, they must have been burned one too many times and decided to really crack down.

But whatever their reasoning, I am glad that you figured out a way to salvage your phone for close to the same price. Good work on your part!

Dacdac 04-07-2010 09:39 PM

Re: A nightmare resolved
i seem to remember reading on some forum about people that have their accounts hijacked and then claims filed for phones. Maybe this is the new way to prevent it.

styckx 04-08-2010 10:21 AM

Re: A nightmare resolved
I have no idea. I'm all about security, and understand it but these people have enough of my information readily available to verify who I am. I thought it was a poorly placed hoop to jump through. Printing out pdf's and scanning drivers licenses? It's not 1995, there has got to be a better way than this in 2010. I was told it may have been because I was within my first 30 days, it still doesn't justify it in my opinion. I'm also aware of the fact I'm a stubborn fool who thinks faxing over copies of state issued id's blindly is rather stupid.

Oh well, my phone is at the Sprint store as we speak, guy said it'll take about 45 minutes. I'll post an update if all goes well.

Anyway, becareful with those moments guys, that front screen is SENSITIVE. It fell out of my pocket, fell about six inches to a wood floor and the front glass spider webbed.

I will apparently have to buy one of those new bubble wrap carrying cases. :mrgreen:

Yay 4 Juggs 04-09-2010 07:39 AM

Re: A nightmare resolved
Iit was because you were in your first 30 days. Typically that method is used to prevent fraud accounts filing false claims...like it or not they are well within their right to request this information from you...and you have every right to decline it...just don't expect miracles or put all your self entitlement eggs into one basket. Check your homeowners or renters insurance policy and see if they offer similar coverage...or buy the service plan from best buy when purchasing a new phone.

outerpip 04-09-2010 02:04 PM

Re: A nightmare resolved
It must be that some are pressure sensitive. I'm all about not dropping my phone, so whenever I do drop it, I turn into the Flash trying to catch it, which usually results in me smacking it about 10 feet further. No cracked screen and that's happened about 3 times. Might be the way their landing.

As for insurance, they must have changed it. Did mine in December at www.phoneclaim.com/sprint and had no problems. Took a few weeks to get it because it was on backorder, but thankfully, I had a backup. Oh, and if you do an insurance claim within the first 30 days, red lights go up everywhere. This being because if you "lose" your phone...notice the quotes, and it's within your first 30 days, you file a claim, get a second phone, put it on the account, go back to the store, say you don't want the service and cancel it with no termination because you're in your first 30 days. Look at that...free phone. BTW, I hope no one does this....it's insurance fraud, and that's bad. Free phone is not worth a fine/jail time.

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