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Cumulus 09-20-2007 08:23 PM

New IP-830w. have questions. already rtfm'd
Hi guys. Phil from Pensacola, FL. Sprint for 2 years, pda for 1 yr. (Not this one obviously, or I wouldn't have questions)... Nuff of that here's my issues :-P

I have googled and searched several forums and checked the userguide, and can't find answers to these (yet anyway... looked for about three days straight, for hours)

I cannot get the OK function of the Enter key to work... same combinations tried as above. (however I notice the back is usable for that EXCEPT for dialog boxes, which I apparently NEED the "ok" function)...

How do I edit pronunciations of names, and recognition of my voice, in VoiceSignal. All I could find to do was input my voice ONLY on the numbers... meaning it doesn't recognize names as simple as "Peggy"... etc etc...

The row of icons on the top of the start menu, going left to right... for previous programs.... I had this on the treo 700wx. How do I get it back and do away with the "recently opened stuff" rows on the start menu.... it duplicates the lists and wastes start menu space.

The granddaddy of all repeated questions. How do I get the MSL without calling sprint, when I have tried CDMA Workshop, GetSPL, with no luck. I still have my Treo 700wx on my account until its brand new insurance replacement arrives from Sprint next week and gets put on eBay. If I call sprint, won't they only give me the MSL for the currently-active phone?

I need a recommendation on a pouch-style case with a snap-into-place lid, and swivel belt clip, that fits with the Samsung extended battery attached. The Prima I bought from wmexperts fails. (And please don't make me go to seido, their 700wx clear case jumped off my belt and shattered on Day Two of the wx, scratching my brand new treo. I refuse to buy from Seido.)

I bought the invisibleshield for the 830w, comes in the mail this week. Any advice for putting it on? Any problems with goo stains under the plastic, touch screen not operating properly, air bubbles, etc? Please mention, is there any square inch of the phone that it fails to cover?

Anyone running a version of linux on the '830 yet?

That's all I can think of right now... I'll add more as I come across further issues. Still getting used to this thing after the treo. But I wanted the longer screen with a retractable keybd.

God Bless
73 de WX4TCL

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MotuTraveler 03-10-2008 01:49 PM

Re: New IP-830w. have questions. already rtfm'd
The OK button over the Enter key lies. It doesn't do the same thing as tapping "ok". Sorry.

The IP-830W's version of VoiceSignal is bizarre, and only listens to numbers. I'm not sure how to get around this. Maybe you could install another voice dialing application?

Why do you need the MSL? Call Sprint anyway and try to do an ESN change to this phone. Say your phone is requesting the MSL. After the agent reads you the MSL, say the phone has crashed and is not working. The agent will probably recommend you call Samsung or take it to a repair centre.

No Linux on the IP-830W -- but this thing can barely run Windows Mobile 5 well. I'd rather have a PPC2003 700 series phone.

Cumulus 03-20-2008 07:46 AM

Re: New IP-830w. have questions. already rtfm'd
thanks for the info... I got sick of this phone, and when I discovered that it was not notifying me of voicemails, I *IMMEDIATELY* began looking for another phone, and within a week, I landed the HTC Titan (Sprint Mogul) for only $99.00 :D

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