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trailertaskforce 12-14-2006 02:57 PM

Re: Seriously

Originally Posted by Courtney1985
I would like to know myself the reason for the recall, if that's what happened. Does anyone have any idea as to why?

According to Account Distribution Services in the New York Corporate office for Sprint, there was an issue with shipping these units from Samsung overseas to the "blanket coverage customers". The issue lies upon some 6,000 + units damaged at the shipping dock. NO units available till "near the end of January". There are also NO software/hardware issues. The issues were at the hand of the dock workers loading them "on the boat" to ship here (USA). There was also no "customer who bought them all up" and delayed them to the rest of us.
I hope this answers your ? Courtney.....Bobby.

Eclipsi01 12-15-2006 03:32 AM

Mine had a similar bluetooth issue when I first got it about 2 months ago, but I reloaded it with a newer version of the operating software and it fixed the bluetooth issue. The issue was static and short-range use with bluetooth headsets.
Now it works flawlessly! I love this thing, thank God it was free ;)

pzztgotbagz 12-15-2006 02:46 PM

can u link me to this new updated operating system as I have yet to see it

Eclipsi01 12-15-2006 07:12 PM


Originally Posted by pzztgotbagz
can u link me to this new updated operating system as I have yet to see it

I said new operating software.
What software is in your phone right now?
Mine is:
PDA: S:i830WM5.1.2S.ZH31.14989
Phone: S:i830.1.2S.ZH31
Bluetooth: 2.08.03
PRL: 20224

This very well may be the same software everyone has but when I first got mine 2 months ago, it was loaded with a different software version.

goldeneyej 02-03-2007 06:06 PM

I went to my local sprint store to get accessories and one of the stupid rep told me to try and sell the phone because has been discontinued, so i called sprint customer service from the store to find out because i have two 830's and they told me that there is no recall or other, the problem is a big demand for this unit, then the sprint rep on the phone asked me to speak with the rep on the store and they did spoke for at least 5 minutes and i got the impression that the guy on the store does't known what the hell his doing because after they hangup he got angry at me.
I hope there are no problems with these units because i just love them!

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