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crazie.eddie 05-22-2007 08:25 PM

Config for Imap access to Yahoo Mail (Basic - FREE)

Originally Posted by JohnnyMac
Didja know that the new Yahoo Mail beta version - yes, the free one - now has an IMAP backend, so you can set up the account access right on your 700wx? Here's the process:

Caveat - I use Verizon, and played around quite a bit with the server settings, and the ones below, which I think are the default anyway, work fine for me. If you have issues, you're on your own. I'm no server admin guy.

And yes I'll also post this in the WM Communication forum as well, but that place is a dry, dusty barren wasteland over ther.

Yahoo Mail setup on the 700wx:
(for the free Yahoo webmail)

Starting in 'Messaging':

Select Menu/Tools/New Account

Enter your Yahoo email address.
The device will attempt to connect to Yahoo and run the auto-configure process.
Hit 'Next'

Enter your Name
Enter your Yahoo User Name (also called your Yahoo ID) - this is likely already completed for you
Enter your Yahoo password (same as you use to access your free Yahoo account)
Check the box for 'Save Password"

Hit 'Next'

Leave these next settings as they are by default (you can change the account name from 'Yahoo IMAP' to whatever you want - ' My Yahoo', etc.

Hit 'Next'

Leave the settings for Incoming and Outgoing mail alone as well.
Scroll down the navigator and select 'Options'.
Make your choices here as you see fit - check for mail every X minutes, with a max of 60.
Hit 'Next'
If you want more mail on your device, increase the days of mail displayed setting.
Don't check the 'Require SSL connection' box.
Check box the 'Outgoing mail requires authentication' box.

Hit finish and you're done!

If you wish to have your Yahoo subfolders show, do this:

From the Yahoo Inbox view, select:
Manage Folders
And then navigate up/down to the folders you wish to have shown on your device (hint - use the SPACE BAR to check the folder box - that way you can leave that stylus in its rightful place in the back of the device).

And if you want an email signature, do this, when in 'Messaging'
Scroll down with the 5-way and select 'Signatures'
Then select the account(s) for which you wish to set your email signatures. Follow the steps shown.

Repeat as needed for all your mail accounts.

FYI, in step (2/4) under User Information, make sure you put your User Name with the @yahoo.com.

Verify server information on step (4/4) is...
Incoming mail: imap.mail.yahoo.com
Outgoing mail: smtp.mobile.mail.yahoo.com

Original discussion here...

CozBoogie 05-22-2007 08:27 PM

Doh! Looks like someone already beat you to it!



crazie.eddie 05-23-2007 01:56 AM

No prob. It's always good someone else is willing to share info.

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