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PaulB007 12-05-2009 11:48 AM

How many of you switched to the Pre from the Touch Pro?
Let me tell you, the Touch Pro had to be the WORST phone I have ever owned. It always locked up, it was so god awfully slow too. The keyboard went out a few times, and I kept getting the oil spot on it. I said the hell with it and bought a Pre off contract for $300. I just couldnt take it anymore and had enough. I am so much better off. This phone isnt exactly perfect, usually requires one restart a day to prevent lag/other bugs after its been on more than a day, but thats tolerable.

Any other former TP users who are more satisfied now?

spiritcrusher33 12-05-2009 12:29 PM

Re: How many of you switched to the Pre from the Touch Pro?
well i used th tp for bout a month..but most part of the year used a diamond..and have had a vogue.mogul, 6700 before that..used bb curve and pearl.. centro..moto q9c..a snap,, what else?

I have to say even though the pre has its ups and downs..mostly hardware related..I am very happy atm..outta all the wm programs i had prolly 30 or so..only use basicly 4 of them..and the pre does the 4 perfectly. got myself a seidio 2600mAh extended battery.. ( cause i like to use my phone and not be tied to a outlet..and the touchstone is to expensive to put everywhere in my house and car.) I baby my phones and totally take care of them so im used to being very careful which u kinda have to with the pre.. anyway my point is im happy alot of other users are to..but as with anything for every 1 person like me who tells u they love it. u will have 5 others saying the iphone is better or tp2 kicks arse..

so right now the pre works for me..if u want to lose the hassle of finding roms and tweaking til the cows come home on wm..then the pre is for u..me i just needed a break for wm spent way to much time and never got to sit back and enjoy the phone..with the pre i can just sit back now..flash is coming 1st of the year... thats gonna rock big time..more app and such are coming more updates etc.. the pre is only 6months old.. it hasnt even had time to breath yet..but good things are coming..

Carla 12-05-2009 04:55 PM

Re: How many of you switched to the Pre from the Touch Pro?
I am similar to Spirit, I used the TP for a while, had a lot of issues, so I traded my husband for his Diamond, and I was happy with the Diamond, but I always wanted more ya know.

I love the Pre, a lot of people that don't use it, or that only play with it for 5 minutes have trouble understanding why I, or we, like it so much. Honestly, IMO once you play with it and get the OS down and how to do everything it is awesome!

tn_friend 12-05-2009 06:19 PM

Re: How many of you switched to the Pre from the Touch Pro?
I switched from the touch pro.... the Pre is an awesome phone, being able to multi-task so easily, and using gestures to easily use every app is great

johnny hotsauce 12-05-2009 09:22 PM

Re: How many of you switched to the Pre from the Touch Pro?
I went from a TP to a TP2 for the same reasons as the OP, I just couldn't take the thing any longer. About a month after having the TP2 my boss asked me if I wanted his month old Pre for $50 bucks since work was giving him a BB and he no longer needed the Pre so I jumped on it.

Now I have to admit the TP2 is a great device and what the TP1 should've been so I can't complain one bit about the TP2 and I plan on upgrading to WM 6.5 when it's officially out just to play around with it but as for the Pre, I haven't looked back to WM once ever since I've been using the Pre. WebOS is simply amazing and for the most part, just works. Providing Palm can stay afloat, I really look forward to the future of WebOS and how it can evolve.

Rumrunner6900 12-05-2009 10:11 PM

Re: How many of you switched to the Pre from the Touch Pro?
Count me in as one coming from a TP. I actually liked my TP a lot. Tweaking and flashing became kind of addictive. Had some problems with it though and I got the itch for a new phone, so I turned it in for a Pre.

My brother has one, and I played with it a few months ago. I didnt like it at first. Seemed kind of strange with all the swiping.

Now, I love this thing. The multi tasking ability is really great. If you want to tweak, you can. If not, everything still works! The browser is great. Having a nice capacitive screen is great. There is so much to like about this phone. Yes, the battery life is terrible, but after coming from my TP, I barely notice. Ill definitely hold onto this phone for a while.

conflikt 12-05-2009 11:49 PM

Re: How many of you switched to the Pre from the Touch Pro?
Mine will be here Monday or Tuesday so i will give you guys my thoughts on it. :headbang:

I also ordered this case http://www.justaccessories-discounts...ter-for/Detail it looks pretty awesome! I got myself a car charger for $5 as well on ebay and it is the OEM Sprint one. I am also ordering the touchstone charger!

z28marols1 12-07-2009 01:32 PM

Re: How many of you switched to the Pre from the Touch Pro?

My TP was freaking awesome when i first got it last year (I came from a mogul so the TP seemed nice at that point). After about 45 days I started getting dissappointed. After going through some refurbs and more issues I spent more time holding back the urge to throw the thing through a brick wall than actually using it for what I should have been able to do with it. Last week I finally convinced sprint to do something about it and they did. So, with almost a week under my belt with the Pre, I have to say... I'm impressed! With a handful of hacks off of preware this phone does everything I want it to and does it beautifully. My TP looks like such a brick next to the Pre its not even funny. I seriously considered the TP2, however, i really want a break from WM and resistive touch screens (I cant tell you even after turning up the sensitivity in TF3D how many times I executed a swipe but the phone interpreted a tap).

My thoughts after having 3 WM phones in a row: Loved winmo when 5 first came out and I had the Apache. Since then its.... old. The Pre and WebOS walks all over it. And as far as an iPhone comparison (I use a 3rd gen iPod touch on a regular basis), the screen is slightly more responsive on the touch, but the lack of multi-tasking makes it a no brainer. Also the battery life between me and my friends with iPhones are about the same, however, if I choose I may carry an extra battery and swap it out or simply buy an extended battery. My friends with iPhones are leaving their phones at the work station plugged in the wall cuz they died on them. :-)

NinjaMom 12-08-2009 10:41 AM

Re: How many of you switched to the Pre from the Touch Pro?
Pre > TP period.

spiritcrusher33 12-08-2009 11:39 PM

Re: How many of you switched to the Pre from the Touch Pro?

Originally Posted by NinjaMom (Post 1396145)
Pre > TP period.


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