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Decadance 08-30-2009 11:22 AM

[WVGA][VGA]Manila 2.1 BackgroundAllTabs - Updated 28/08
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All Credit goes to theboostman over at XDA


Here is a background for all tabs mod for manila 2.1 like Gen.Y Manila.

The mod extend the homebackground to others tabs.
Choose your background with the manila menu
The picture selected is processed by manila so it is possible that the resulting image does not fit perfectly to the screen (i.e the entire picture may not be visible)

- fix bug explained by Krzysiec in post 19 v2
- WVGA Version
Just copy these files into your /windows folder and viola. Does not allow the choice of choosing both a portrait and landscape, but is a good temp solution for those of use who were dying for a BG4all in VGA (since HDwalls is WVGA).

taco8717 04-13-2010 01:23 AM

Re: [WVGA][VGA]Manila 2.1 BackgroundAllTabs - Updated 28/08
sry for being such an idiot but I have a question...how come I cant do it? for some reason I was under the impression that if I download and ruin a cab file that it will do wat ever it is for me and eureka...or if its a zip I just unzip where its susposed to go and im good to go....I thought that if I follow directions ill finally b able to have a picture on every tab...but NOOOO...can some please help me???

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