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conflipper 08-25-2009 11:39 PM

North America Weather Database V5 Manila (10-16-09) *Weather is fixed*
Here is a weather database that contains every USA city, some Canada, and some Mexico. Plus it has every Stock HTC City. Every city has correct Timezone info has well. overall this has over 33,000 cities in there.

I have also routed everything through my site, and updated N2A script a little, converted everything to Fahrenheit to make it more accurate, and a few other smaller changes.

This will also have your correct timezone info for your state and everything else, it works great, and does not have the timezone bug, that has been on some users.

It will work on all V2.x manila files, on all resolution,

Right now picking world clock is a pain, I plan to expand that and make it easier, I just want to get this out there and get a feel for how its working.

Second issue is it can be slow to load at times, that is because its so many cities, this will be fixed in future has well.

Download here V1 8-25-09
Download Here V2 8-27-09
Download Here V3 9-2-2009



Version 5 with HTC Default Plus all WorldWide Cities

This weather fix will change the URL path, and direct it to a new site, I also changed V4 to new URL link, and so all versions prior to V4 will not work, without the weather fix cab.


Install cab, restart device, enjoy your weather


V 0.1 (North America)
V 0.2 (Expand Canada)
V 0.3 (New Manila Page)
V 0.4 (Expand to other countries)

THANKS TO N2A, GhettofreeRyder, and many others

HTML Code:

I added in all HTC Default Cities, I also have everything split down, so Texas and France are each considered a state. just a head up on that.

changed server script so that it will now allow Canadian postal codes.
Added 5000 canadian cities into database
Redid california, some cities were wrong, should be all fixed now.
*please visit accuweather for all your weather needs*
*Canadian Providence are listed along with the states, so look there to find it*

Changes I made today, are converted States to countires, and took out the rest of Worldwide sities, so this is ONLY North America. it speeds up the time for everything right now.

coldheat06 08-25-2009 11:49 PM

Re: North America Weather Database V2 Manila (8-25-09)
Thanks Conflipper!!! As always you are on top of things!!

bikeandestroyx 08-25-2009 11:51 PM

Re: North America Weather Database V2 Manila (8-25-09)
awesome ive been using the other version, but this is even better!
great job as always conn

conflipper 08-25-2009 11:54 PM

Re: North America Weather Database V2 Manila (8-25-09)
i have had this since like june, but spend last 2 days perfecting it.

its big, and messy, but its first one, i have the basics, down and all databases saved, so i can get newer versions out faster now.

echomatics 08-26-2009 12:56 AM

Re: North America Weather Database V2 Manila (8-25-09)
Great stuff! Thanks for the work conflipper :D

appzattak 08-26-2009 01:01 AM

Re: North America Weather Database V2 Manila (8-25-09)
can it be uninstalled?

conflipper 08-26-2009 01:07 AM

Re: North America Weather Database V2 Manila (8-25-09)
yes, it can be uninstalled, and then old databased will be placed in there.

Working on different version right now, cut out Worldwide cities, and added states has countries, it will make finding stuff easier.

and for those that will want a city from around the world, you can pick the first one, for those that done care, and just want USA you can have that has well

t0mmyr 08-26-2009 04:10 AM

Re: North America Weather Database V2 Manila (8-25-09)
wow, awesome, thanks for sharing this, do u plan to release an oem for the good chefs here? that would be nice.

as always i appreciate everything you bring us, got any new hermann leaks we can go crazy over? radios? ROM dumps, stuff dreams are made with...

rstoyguy 08-26-2009 08:00 AM

Re: North America Weather Database V2 Manila (8-25-09)
Moved to Manilla / TF3D Tweaks.

tsperez 08-27-2009 01:28 AM

Re: North America Weather Database V2 Manila (8-25-09)
Conflipper, I installed this with no problems but now my hometown weather is off. At 78572 it is normally over 100 degrees or on a cool day like today it was 98. Even right now at midnight it is 82. After your file today's high was about 87. Right now it says 78 (actual 82) and the low it states 74 (no way it'll get to 74 tonight).

What could be wrong?

Edit: I uninstalled this program/file and tried to set my city with the weather master program but I get an error about trying to write to a read only file. I found two weather files that I removed the read only state (one was archive). One file was in Windows and the other in program files.

How do I fix this system or how do I get back to normal on my phone without having to do a hard reset?

Thanks again.

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