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speck 03-29-2009 02:56 PM

adding call history tab - a question
I want to add the call history tab to my Sprint Touch Pro. It sounds simple - but I found two main methods - the main difference between the 2 being (in the 26948339 file):

<Page Order="nn" Name="callhistory.page" PackageName="HTC" Title="[[IDS_CALLLOGTITLE]]">

<Page Order="nn" Name="callhistory.page" PackageName="HTC" Title="[[IDS_CALLLOGTITLE]]"
ExternalScriptPath="HTC\Scripts\orangecalllogtrans itions.luac">

The second method also adds a section in the <DialogManager> area of the file - which to my untrained eye :) - look like the stuff that would make the tab functional.

Both of them seem to use the same 1d1ee632_manila file.

Is the 1d1ee632_manila file the orangecalllogtransitions.luac file? If not, does the stock TP have the file so that I have a functional call history tab?

redd214 03-29-2009 04:19 PM

Re: adding call history tab - a question
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that sounds hard, heres a cab bud!

Mystery 03-29-2009 04:22 PM

Re: adding call history tab - a question
Yeah, its easier to just install it as a cab, what your doing is a bit harder and should just be done if your doing it though the kitchen. But if you still want to know how to do it the way you were talking about, here is a thread to help you:

speck 03-29-2009 04:30 PM

Re: adding call history tab - a question
Thanks to both of you - the cab helped - I looked at the 26948339 file inside and it does include the information in the 'dialogs' section. I don't like to just install cabs when they have the 26948339 file, because I have other changes in there I don't want overwritten. I just wish I had a clear idea of exactly what the sections of that file control.

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