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EFMax 03-09-2010 11:22 AM

Registry Directory
HTC-HD2: I was just wondering if anyone has compiled a directory of all of the registry settings so that individuals can look at tweaking their own phone or is this considered a no/no for security or safety reasons.

Rhodium500 03-09-2010 03:51 PM

Re: Registry Directory
What do you mean? Why can't you just go in an search the registry on your own?

EFMax 03-09-2010 04:16 PM

Re: Registry Directory
My question was two fold.

I was first wondering that when some people say how do you change such and such, how is that other people know just where to send them in the registry.. and I was also thinking that it would be nice to do the same yourself without having to keep asking.. therefore if there was a directory of all the settings, this would help people like myself.. hope that makes some more sense.. cheers.

Rhodium500 03-11-2010 09:28 AM

Re: Registry Directory
No it doesn't make any sense

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