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Old 10-13-2009, 06:50 PM
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Re: Some questions and troubles.

Originally Posted by codybear View Post
I was using the .40 radio on mine a while back.
or maybe it was the .30, not sure since it was a little while ago.

I'd suggest trying the different stock roms (like for the different carriers).
Flash them, but DO NOT let the customizations run.
See how the reception is with that.

Also, some carriers have the thicker reception bars which I believe are four bars and the little reception logo thing.
Alot of custom roms use the Skinny Signal Strength bars, which is like 6-7 bars at the top. The skinny one's are a little more accurate since there's more bars available to represent the same reception.

As for gps, do you have aGPS enabled?
I forgot and don't have time to re-read this thread (sorry).
If you do, ignore this comment.

Otherwise, I'm not quite sure what else you could try...
If I think of something, I'll let you know.

I do have aGPS enabled. I triple checked in the registry.

As far as reception goes... I do have poorer reception in most areas which might be a 'bars' issue, but what I'm really complaining about is that where I had signal before, I do not now. It's gone.

As far as radios, maybe another will do me good... but I'm in NY-fu*kin-C there's more damn cell towers here than I can count. I don't see why there'd be an issue. I dug up another topic elsewhere on the forum, I'll link now and see what you think of this fix.

Verizon XV6900 No Signal
Originally Posted by crobs808 View Post
The akey has nothing to do with getting or not getting a signal. The akey only determines if you have authentication to get data once you have a signal from the tower.

So, here is how you fix your signal issue:

1. Call *22802 or *22803 (whichever one gets you a signal), then as soon as you get a signal, hang up.
2. Press ##778, then press Send
3. Select "Edit", then type in "000000" then hit ok
4. In the bottom left select "View info" then select "M.IP Settings"
5. Change the following lines to something other than their default:

MIP_MODE: Mobile IP Preferred
MIP Registration Retries:
MIP Registration Retry Timeout:
1750 ms
MIP Pre-Registration Timeout:

Tap/edit on each one and change it just one value less or greater, going back to the settings screen inbetween editing each one, then after all four are changed, just change them back to the above correct settings, then click "Menu", "OK"

6. It will now give you a "EPST" dialog, and select "OK" to reset your device.

NOTE: You may have to do this short 5 minutes process 2 or 3 times. Make sure you do not skip 'Step 1' if doing it multiple times. Changing the 'M.IP Settings' doesn't do anything unless you have a signal at the time of changing the values. This will make your signal work again immediately on restart.
Thoughts on this as a fix?
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