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Old 08-12-2008, 07:36 PM
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Verizon VX6900 GPS settings, Post here...

Im still on a quest for perfect GPS for verizon... Darn those Sprint folks and their silly PPST , we must find a solution as well!... Read soft reset helps drivers when cant get a lock... that doesnt usu work for me. the '3 files' and 'SUPL AGPS' registry settings dont really affect anything. still inconsistant...
Only time i get fast locks is after i already got a 'Hot Start' from up to hours ago.
Might help me if you post your settings...

1.Post your Radio (version and number, like Alltel 3.42.50 or Sprint, 3.42.30, etc):
2.Rom/or Kitchen that you are using(like Ghettofreeryders 721 rom):
3.Custom GPS settings that rom/you added (registry settings, files like VIRSER_GPS.dll):
4.Post Primer(s) (like i use QuickGPS then VisualGPSce):
5.Post Maps Prog (like GoogleMaps or LiveSearch):
6. 3 Times to get a new GPS Lock (3 different locations, say last lock before this test that you got was at home... then dont test it at home on your 1st try, aka go downtown and try it so definately sure its not getting a 'Hot Start'... then other 2 tries, try and home and next day back downtown/work..... and dont choose the best 3 times , just thought this was a good way to test and make sure those pesky hot starts dont skew results, or inconstancy caused by people choosing best times when does work ... if its consistant and always takes 3 minutes to lock, then ill be happy ):
Something like this
Try1a (Home): didnt work after 10m
[soft reset]
Try1b (Home): locked in 2m
Try2 (Work): locked in 4m
Try3a (Home): didnt work after 8m
Try3b (Home): locked in 2.34m

I noticed when you use GPSViewer, it will freeze kinda when it gets a lock so you can subtract time when it started to when it got the lock if you dont feel like stopwatching it, but you have to goto Power settings and set it so screen doesnt turn off while you testing. (PS the freeze unfreezes when tab from 1st Tab in GPSViewer back to Satellites Tab).
7. Overall Happiness with GPS rating, rate out of 10 stars.

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Old 08-13-2008, 08:24 AM
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Re: Verizon VX6900 GPS settings, Post here...

hey this is kinda off topic but i have a Sprint 6900 running on VZW. Do i get any of the advantages of the Sprints GPS? Or is it being on the Sprint Network that gives you the advantage. Also i dont have PPST in my VZW rom.
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