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jusetan 10-07-2009 01:25 PM

ROM randomly downloads ALL my emails
Anyone had this issue or know of a way to resolve it? It is ignoring my command to only download from the past 5 days
Happened with Calkuins, and NFSFAN's rom.

It locks up my phone and downloads over 4000 emails from the past 5+ years from my yahoo account..

Asphyx 10-07-2009 04:45 PM

Re: ROM randomly downloads ALL my emails
Did you use the email wizard to set up the yahoo account on the phone?

If you did then it is using IMAP not POP3...

IMAP syncs all folders, POP3 simply downloads new mails.

jusetan 10-07-2009 09:42 PM

Re: ROM randomly downloads ALL my emails
If by wizard you mean:
1. choose new account from the email tab
2. choose 'other'
3. create a yahoo account.

That is how I did it. Strangely I did it this way for when I had the Telus Rom, and Mighty Rom 4, and never had this issue come up.

Asphyx 10-07-2009 11:16 PM

Re: ROM randomly downloads ALL my emails
By the wizard I mean adding a new account from Manila...

It doesn't ask you what type of mail for yahoo because the wizard package has settings already built in for when you enter a yahoo account and I do not have that issue.

It sounds like you keep all your emails in your yahoo account and are using imap to retrieve the mail to your phone which really doesn't get mail itself just syncros the folders of your yahoo account (same result but slightly different in operation.)

Go into the windows mail account settings and see which servers you have set for yahoo.
It will either be imap.yahoo or pop3.yahoo.

My guess is yours says imap...
If it does then also check setting to make sure when you delete them on the phone they also delete on the server.

jusetan 10-08-2009 01:38 PM

Re: ROM randomly downloads ALL my emails
You're right, i am IMAP, and I do have selected - delete on phone/delete on server.

I've reinstalled the Telus ROM and hard resetted twice, then switched over to NFSFAN and resetted twice. Let's see if this resolves it.

Asphyx 10-09-2009 02:51 AM

Re: ROM randomly downloads ALL my emails
Well if it is imap the download last three days setting probably will never work.

You could change it to pop3 and use the pop3 server...thats really the best way to sync your phone to mail.

You have the phone leave it on the server and let your desktop outlook do all the maintenance.

Once the desktop gets the mail it clears the server. Never run out of email space again!

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