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igogolf 09-18-2009 10:53 PM

Cricket, E-Mail and my Touch Pro
ok, so my touch pro went stupid and i had to take it to the shop for repairs (serves me right for buying used) now as you may or may not know cricket charges $15 for the transfer of service from one phone to another, i did this to use the loaner phone......
blah blah blah (shortening the story)
.....when i got my phone back from the repair store and changed the service from the loaner phone back to the touch pro something amazing happened - as i leave the store and actually look at my phone in the car it says that i have some unread e-mails??? now i'm thinking there is something wrong with the phone again. for some unknown reason way back (two months ago) when i got the phone i plugged in the information to my yahoo e-mail accounts (yes from two different accounts) into the touch pro and never deleted them. this as you know doesn't work. (??????????)
i, nor the store changed any settings on the phone, but it did accurate and correctly get the last three days worth of unread e-mails from my yahoo accounts as i had it set to do. of course it worked once and only once and only just after the account was transfered back to the touch pro.

i have read the treads, i have seen different theory's about the e-mail.

this leads me to believe that there is a cricket setting on their system to disallow the use of a non-cricket phone and this "pull" mail feature.

any cricket workers? or who wants the challenge of talking to the uniformed workers there on the help-line to verify/disprove my new e-mail theory?

so bottom line it does work, i have seen it with my own eyes (however, i am not going to pay the $30 to try it for a second time).

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