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ou2mame 07-20-2009 07:37 PM

mighty rom 5 random freeze fix?
i read this on mighty's site;

XIP Optimized. Using the new Alltel 2.01 xip, there was some noticeable screen pauses/freezes while using the device, sometimes up to 15-20 seconds of freezing. Some drivers within the xip were causing this issue, therefore removed and replaced with previous versions. Luckily the 2.01 kernel is not giving any issues, therefore it is here to stay.
and i'm wondering if there's any way to fix the freezing in the older version of mighty 5, 5/24/09, because i'm having a rough time with sprite backup restoring from mighty 5 to mighty 6, specifically the installed programs. they don't show up in the remove programs, and if i have to update one of them, everything gets messed up, among other problems.

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