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ChaosTheory 07-20-2009 04:58 PM

ROM Creation Troubleshooting
(If this would be better somewhere else would a mod please move it)

Trying to get a ROM up and running, and have a few problems that hopefully someone can help me with. Using Groove's kitchen build 21921.

Trying to put everything on the start menu into folders, so I have modified the Kitchen>OEM>OEM_Lang_0409>initflashfile.dat file to place the items in the folder I want, as well as changing the app.dat file to the same. I am getting duplicate folders under the start menu though! Is it because I did it in both places?

When I try to open a picture from the Today panel, it says file cannont be opened. Either it is not signed with a certificate or one of its components cannot be found. What gives? In a related matter, if I go to Pictures & Videos and click the camera softkey, or the camera icon, nothing happens. I have to go to the Camera shortcut that I have on the Start Menu.

Titanium Weather, why doesn't it show up? CHome editor shows it is there and enabled, but it doesn't display. Also randomly have other programs that I select in the kitchen that don't get cooked in. Any ideas?

I have a mscr script that I would like to run when flashing to a new ROM, after all the other customizations have occurred. Is there anyway to do that, or at least have it run near the end of the customization process?

Thanks for the help!

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