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bart77 07-09-2009 12:29 AM

Power on with center button?
Under Key lock, you have the option to "lock all buttons except power button" or "do not lock buttons." Is there a way to "lock all buttons except power button and center button", like on the omnia? It is a lot easier to power on with the center button, plus it is recessed so it is not easily pressed in your pocket. I am using "do not lock buttons" now which powers on with the center key, but I do not want the other keys to power on as they are pressed easily in your pocket.

horndoctor 07-09-2009 02:38 AM

Re: Power on with center button?
You would probably have to use a registry editor and search through the registry for this. I have never heard of anyone doing this though. It sounds like a project for a developer. He/She might make an app for this.

cheezeit 07-09-2009 02:49 AM

Re: Power on with center button?
i was actually thinking about the same thing, like with the iphone and itouch. the tp center button seems to be almost made for it and it is much easier to reach than the top button. if anyone can figure this out im definitely interested.

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