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froader 05-27-2009 02:19 PM

WIFI turning on by itself(fix...). LED notification.
For the longest time I have been dealing with WIFI turning on by itself. If I used WIFI and turned it off, next thing you know it would be back on again untill a soft reset. Very annoying.
I had thought it had something to do with the S2A w/ curtain dialer.

Last night I had a thought to test without the Manila comm tab. Well I have to say since I disabled the comm tab I have not had any problems with WIFI.
Just thought I would share.

The only thing puzzling me is the LED notification from the dpad center button. I have all my notifications set to not use LED and furthermore I use NueLed to disable all of them. I still get a LED notification with any message and sometimes it will not stop untill a soft reset.
Does anybody have a fix for this?

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