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Old 02-10-2009, 01:05 PM
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Just a Little tired of TF3D... Will Point UI 2.0 be the answer?

Lets me first start out by saying, that I love Touch Flo 3d, but feel there is room for improvement, I'm a little annoyed that on a soft reset, 40% of my total memory is being used after Touch Flo 3d starts... Now if I soft reset with out touch Flo 3d on, the number is around 30%. First off, I'm not happy that on any cold boot, 30% of total memory is being used.. but thats a rant for another day. But 10% for Touch Flo 3d?!?!?! WTF??? I mean, sure it's cool and all, and beats just about everything out there, but when it first starts, it's laggy and after going through all the tabs atleast once, it seems to be run pretty smoothly... Unless you start a few apps and get memory usage up to 55% to 60% and sure enough, TF3D starts lagging again... Not a lot, but enough to be kind of annoying.

Look, I know Windows Mobile isn't perfect, but shouldn't we be asking for a little better performance, after this long?

I've used a lot of Windows mobile devices: Blue Angel, Apache, Mogul, Star Trek, Dell Axim, HP Jornadas... and Now I'm on a Touch Pro. I've loved them all, and they certainly update with the times as far as design and form factor go, but UI layer on top of Windows Mobile, doesn't seem to match up.

This week, I thought, I'd try a few changes to my UI, first I tried the Omnia port to the Touch Pro, Touch Wiz. While this is certainly a new idea using Desktop Widgets, No landscape mode is kind of sad... but What can you do? I was also a little dissapointed to find out there aren't any downloadible widgets yet... Atleast touch Flo 3d has some custom tabs, and lets face it the starter Tabs in Touch Flo 3d have more to offer than the Widgets on the Omnia... Sure, it gets points for Style, but not much for Function...

Then today I tried the touch flo HD port. This looked like a nice upgrade from the current Touch Flo 3d, adding some new features, and a refresh in look, including adding the customizations options that alot of have been using 3rd party apps for. Sure the landscape option is in Alpha, but still, it's there... I had heard it was pretty fast... But man, it was really glitchy and error prone on my Touch Pro... I really wasn't impressed. It was also still fairly laggy, felt almost worse then the Stock Touch Flo 3d....

This got me looking again... I stumbled across Point UI. I had tried this in the past on my Blue Angel, my Apache (6700) and my Mogul (6800). And I have to say, it always performed well, and consistent despite the different platforms and hardware. sure it lacked in some areas, but it was always pretty, and ran really smoothly.

So it turns out very soon, they will be launch a v 2.0. it will include a landscape mode, a lot of customization options including backgrounds, and a UI that even seems to replace Pocket Outlook in some areas. I'm really impressed.

Has anyone here played with any alphas or betas of this new version of Point? I'm curious to hear feedback.

Thanks again, I love PPCgeeks and all the users are always helpful and kind. So thanks for reading!
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