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reyrey127 02-10-2009 10:20 PM

Re: Like to see who Bought BESTBUY phones with Late Builds??

Originally Posted by jreimers (Post 704938)
12/22/08 Best Buy in early Feb.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I drove 1.5 hours and have finally got a BB 1/9/09 manufacturer date build phone with .4 firmware. I have to say that the phone right now in my hands appears somewhat flawless and well built.

For those looking, here is the MSID DEC 857XXXX. The store i went to had 3 left with that MSID number just to let you guys know so i can help a fellow TPers.

My Initial Use and Impressions:

No creaky keyboard, no gap along 3 sides except for one on the right hand corner where there appears to be an object when you look between the keyboard and screen. lower right half of the phone. The stylus does not fall out since it seems to be in there pretty well and sticks pretty well or magnetically pretty well. The screen and keyboard is even and not crooked. Very little to no wobbling in the screen when I push the volume button. Seems responsive and very little heat issue since I have been online but will play with it more later. Call qaulity on both ends seem great. If you are a girl and want to call me to hear the call quality feel free and PM me :thumbleft:

One thing that is not a problem but is not of the best quality which the nitpicker like me may notice is the chrome, which has little pits or drips. I AM OKAY WITH THIS. Another thing is that the Home key seems a little stiff compared to the back key which again I AM OKAY WITH. Other than that no complaints. I will need to play with the OS and software to make sure this phone is a keeper. Or I can go back to the store and have 3 more chances.. hahah jk I think this is it.

Other than that these were my initial impressions and honestly I am content at this point. I have no reason to return this phone and will keep it since this is how it should have been made.

This is one solid phone and this is no lie. So with the number of stores I called and the stress I have gone through and the amount I paid, I think I can honestly say I deserve this phone.

Thank me if you find my story touching!!!

I will try to have pics up later tonight...

Thanks again.

loren646 02-18-2009 03:12 AM

Re: Like to see who Bought BESTBUY phones with Late Builds??
i did not see any pics.

i just went to best buy TODAY. and got a 12/19/09 phone.

today was my 30th day. this sucks. should have went to another best buy i guess. :(.

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