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Old 12-29-2008, 02:07 AM
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Best method to create "charging" profiles?


One big thing I miss on my Alltel Touch Pro is the inability for the phone to change profiles based on if it is plugged in or not. All my phones from YEARS ago could do this easily and they were cheap phones with limited capibilities!

I keep my phone on vibrate all the time. I'd like to have it so when I plug the phone in to charge it, it automatically goes off of vibrate and switches to a normal ring profile. Not much to ask it seems but, for whatever reason, neither my Treo or my new Touch Pro will do this.

In doing some searching here, I've found some programs that appear to do exactly what I want. I'm not opposed to paying for this ability via a program if there are no "tweaks" which can be done. I'm just curious as to anyones personal experience with any of these programs.

I've found three that look promising... well, maybe just two.

phoneAlarm http://www.pocketmax.net/phoneAlarm.html
This one you can create profiles but I have read elsewhere recently that while you can set custom profiles, I'd have to actually select a different profile when I plug in the charger... don't want to do this "manually" so this one I think is no good.

PhoneWeaver http://www.sbsh.net/product.php?id=28
I read through the manual and I think this one would work. $15 so not bad.

Spb Phone Suite http://beta.spbsoftwarehouse.com/products/phonesuite/
This one I think will work too as it has an automatic "cradle" profile which I think means "if it is plugged in" but if that's not what it means, please correct me! $20 for this one.

Since all I'm really interested in is the ability to set a profile based on when the phone is charging and don't care much about all the other "stuff" these packages offer and don't want the other stuff interfering with what I have setup now (like custom icons and TF3D theme) do you guys have a recommendation as to which one might be better? They both do offer a trial period so I could just try it but am looking for some first hand experience from guys who have already used the product.


Oh, and if some of the smart guys here could actually build just a basic "profile changer" I think it would be a big hit!

Thanks again!
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Old 12-30-2008, 03:20 PM
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Smile Re: Best method to create "charging" profiles?


phoneAlarm WILL allow you to have the profile automatically change as soon as you connect power cable, you can also have another profile activated if ActiveSync is connected, and other profiles if battery drops below specific charge levels

It also allows you to configure many more settings than the other tools
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