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Old 11-28-2008, 10:36 PM
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VZW TP on VZW vs Sprint (or other) TP on VZW Network - Pros and Cons - Help!

Hey all,

I've been going through all the posts in this forum and others trying to find a solution for my next phone. My current phone is likely the worst phone in the history of the world - it's the Samsung i760 - so I'm desperate for something better. I like the looks of the TP and very much like the QUALITY of Verizon's network, so I'm staying with that. And while their customer services is *friendly*, I've had no luck trying to get their TP for less than full retail (though scores of others have apparently been able to get it for zero to $50).

Money is not a big issue for me - though I do feel almost 'cheated' for having switched to VZW from T-Mobile just to use the i760. Still, that was ultimately my bad decision, so I won't stress about it too much.

I personally LIKE the larger buttons on VZW's TP (I have sausage fingers, or so my wife tells me)... though the whole arrow thing is odd.

I've read a lot about how slow and laggy it is, and while many say "wait for the custom ROMs", I can't help but think that out-of-the-box lagginess is undoubtedly a bad sign.

So I'm contemplating getting another carrier's TP to put on Verizon. My understanding is that one major drawback to this is that I will not be able to use insurance... is it at least possible to get, say, Sprint's TP with a longer warranty!?!?

Also, I'm very well versed with computers - but less so with cell phones; and I can't justify spending a lot of time trying to make it work - is it a relatively easy process and can I PAY SOMEONE HERE to make the Sprint version work on Verizon???! (I'll happily donate or whatever for moron-proof step-by-step instructions.)

[I've already seen the posts on how to do it - I just don't know what half the acronyms they're talking about actually are.]

Also, in the event I do try that (and frankly, there's another TP version I've seen that has a front facing camera that I like even better), what is the downside? For instance, if something goes wrong and I have to hard reset or start from scratch, is it a monumental nightmare to do that on another carrier's phone on Verizon vs. on Verizon's own phone?

Are there any other pros/cons to doing this - short of the pros associated with the (perceived) better Sprint version?

And, for all of those people prone to histrionics and combativeness, I have (1) read as much as possible on this forum and others, (2) searched high and low until the proverbial cows came home, and (3) made every effort to solve this little riddle myself.

Gracias and thanks for any input you can provide.

p.s. One more thing.. I'm in Miami - can you see the screen okay in bright sunlight??? I read a big review that said the TP screen is actually brighter/more contrast to the iPhone - BUT, the one caveat was that the iPhone in bright sunlight was superior. In Miami, pretty much anything is less than ideal, but I'd love to know your thoughts.
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Old 11-30-2008, 01:33 AM
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Re: VZW TP on VZW vs Sprint (or other) TP on VZW Network - Pros and Cons - Help!

Dude... the Verizon version is not so bad. I've only had it for a day, but its not half-bad. I'm comparing it to my 6700/6800 experiences:

I got the 6700 the first week it came out. It was buggy as hell.
I got the 6800 the first week it came out. It was somewhat buggy.
The TP/6850 is not buggy at all. Just has less RAM and disabled GPS. Many tweaks coming soon, hopefully to remedy these.
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