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Old 11-26-2008, 07:59 PM
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VZW Touch Pro Response

I have been looking at this phone for a long time now and awaiting until it got released from VZW. I even got up at 1am the day it was supposed to be available on line so I could order it. The website was jacked and I could not get logged in. Went back to sleep and back up at 5am to order. This time it went through. I even had 2 cases already here at the house that I ordered because I was really excited about getting this phone.
I took off work early the day it arrived to come home and read the manuals and get working with my new phone. Keep in mind that this is my first WinMo phone. I had a Razr V3M. I activated my phone and well....in the next two days, have become very disappointed.
My first problem I have is that I spent $300 for a phone that is the most expensive phone that VZW offers. I really did not mind doing that because I wanted it so bad, but now looking back on everything, I am not certain this phone is all it is cracked up to be.
First, the contacts issue. Keep in mind I have never had a WinMo phone. I have the VZW backup assistant. I couldn't find the backup assistant on the HTC. So, after hours of surfing the net and figuring out you might be able to do this with BitPim or PK2 commander, I was unsuccessful. I spent hours doing this. The next thing I tried was using Bluetooth, as somebody said would work in this forum. I was able to pair the phones but there is no option in the VZW Razr to select all contacts and send to Bluetooth device. I even attempted going on line, looking at my online backups on the VZW site and trying to view the webpage raw data to get the info off of it to put into Outlook. The hell with that too, so I just wound up plugging away entering contacts in Outlook. I decided after a few hours of this that VZW might be able to do this. Of course they can! (for 10 bucks!). So the next day I drive 40 miles and stand in line for 30 mins only to be told they don't have the software or data cable to do it. So, back to entering the contacts manually.
My thoughts are I paid 300 bux for this thing, they out to have this service.

Enough about VZW for the moment.....now on to the phone.......

Happy as I was I have been a little distraught about this phone. This phone is supposed to be the sh*t, top of the line. I am not sure if it is just me or I have a bum phone or what, but here goes:
First, the phone overall seems slow slow slow to me. I have restored this thing to factory default twice now, and even turned off TF3D. Still, when I try to do anything on it, I see a very noticable lag in it. Even my wife who is one of those that like a free phone, as long as it works, even said "what is wrong with that thing" as I was showing her how to navigate ect. For instance, clicking the start button then going to programs is even noticibly delayed. Now try to make a phone call while driving with this thing. I can't. I tried it and about went off the road because the thing was delaying so bad I was hitting the wrong thing.
The second thing is, what is really weird, if I open the keyboard and close it, sometimes the camera starts? I don't understand that at all. Speaking of the camera, that thing is junk in my opinion. You can't take a picture of a brick wall without blurring it because you have to wait probably 10 seconds while it tries to auto focus and do whatever it needs to before it snaps the picture. I have yet been able to take a decent picture with it. Try to take a picture of a dog or something that won't sit still, it is impossible with this phone.
Another thing I have found is I am trying to move my pictures into the photo area so that they show up in the album. It simply says that it will read pictures from your microsd in \Storage Device. I have moved them to the root of the card, put them everywhere and the phone will not see them. I even took a photo, stored it to the card, then looked where the photo was stored. I then moved some of the pics to that folder, and they still won't show up.
Music player? Seems like it would be cool except when I play songs it sounds like somebody took an audio editor and cut out pieces of the song...it literally will be silent for a few split seconds randomly all the way through any song....
Teeter seems like a fun game, and it works ok. But heck I didnt pay 300 bux for a phone to play games with. I mean, for that kind of money, I'd expect this phone to be gold plated and be rocket fast with no issues.
Please do not get me wrong in what I am saying here, I am just trying to figure out if I have a bad phone, it is me, or something else is going on with it.
I went to VZW today to look at phones again and the VX6800? cant remember, the one in price right next to this with the rounded corners simply SMOKES this phone. Sure it doesnt have touchflo, but heck when you click a button, it reacts, and dam*n fast at it too. The 2mp camera was INSTANT when I clicked a picture off, and the scroll wheel with enter is really nice, all for $100 bux cheaper than this.

Honestly, what does everybody think who has the VZW version? Is it worth it? Do you like it? Honestly...are you happy with this thing? I am seriously considering downgrading to that vx6800 if I can't figure this thing out.

I appreciate it and please don't flame me, I am just telling you my experience that I have with this phone.

Thank you

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