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cornelious2 11-12-2008 10:47 AM

My Litany for each new WM phone I get
As people are seeming to come to WM for the first time to get the TP I thought I would list out the things I always do to every winmo phone since having the q.

step one before I do ANYTHING I always perform a hard reset. I really don't trust the first flash (or refurb flash or custom flash for that matter) on any phone.

pull the battery before it gets a chance to boot.

let the customizations and what not run (I like using things like sprint tv and navigator).

set the clock (if needed some custom roms do this automatically)

set my alarms (keeps me from forgetting to set them when I flash like 4 times in a day)

go into settings > today > Items and uncheck today timeout

go into settings > connections > beams and uncheck accept all incomming beams

restore contacts either overwriting the pim.vol or using ppcpimbackup
Install all cabs usually starting with total commander and pocketrar.

finally the ongoing task of religiously checking task manager for programs that have not closed properly via the x

since I have started this process I have never had my alarm not go off unless I did something stupid like switch an AM and a PM.

never had my phone lock up without it being because of starting a program that didn't like my phone and always locked up(which I would promptly stop using)

Hope this helps even a few of you avoid (or solve) some of the problems people have to work around with WM based phones.

Baffles 11-12-2008 10:50 AM

Re: My Litany for each new WM phone I get
Stuff like religiously checking the task manager isn't needed given that we have so much ram here (keeping some stuff in the BG helps it start faster, just make sure its on internal memory, not SD). Clock should be auto set via cell tower. Also, not sure why you say to pull the battery, either. That and beams shouldn't make a difference because we don't have IR, so it won't really affect battery life.

cornelious2 11-12-2008 10:54 AM

Re: My Litany for each new WM phone I get
as far as performance your right, but it still affect battery life. and the clock does automatically adjust, but it can take several hours for it to do so (talking from experience) I look at it like wearing a seat belt. 99.9999999 percent of the time it does nothing for you, but that once moment you do need it your glad you have it. alot of what I have done may or may not fix a problem/prevent the problem, all I know is it has been a much smoother ride since I have done this.

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