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luckyzac 04-27-2010 12:07 AM

Delayed Text Messages (Sprint)
I recently had my TP replaced by Sprint, due to the keyboard going out on it. The first replacement they gave me was a dud, everything possible to go wrong with a phone was wrong on it, Including DELAYED TEXT MESSAGES. I would not receive text messages for between 5 min to 24 hours after they were sent to me. I figured this was just a problem with the device, so after getting another replacement, I am still having this problem. It has been going on like this for about two weeks now...Has anyone else had this issue and know how to fix it??

elephant007 04-27-2010 12:14 AM

Re: Delayed Text Messages (Sprint)
Call Sprint from a landline 888-211-4727 and let them know of your problem, they will most likely walk you through a whole bunch of un-necessaries and then end up resetting something on their end and fixing your problem. Make sure you can answer the following questions for them.
1. What providers are your attempting to text or receive texts from
2. Is there a certain time this is happening
3. Are you in roam when the text messaging (sending/receiving) fail

I'm sure they'll be able to fix the problem for you, I don't think it's a phone/rom issue to make sure that it's not a phone/rom issue, I'd hard reset your phone first... that's probably one of the things they'd suggest too!

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