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JustusIV 11-09-2009 03:42 PM

Getting Pro 2 tomarrow.
Where to start :) Flashing looks pretty easy. Will probably jump to EnergyROM rom in the first couple of days. What should i play with when i first get it? I have read something about tomtom not working, i have always used that instead of spritnav, whats the deal with that? Do i need to move to igo?

AZTECHKA 11-09-2009 04:20 PM

Re: Getting Pro 2 tomarrow.
Welcome to TP2 land.
I would recommend you give Sprint Telenav a try. The new one that comes with the TP2 is better than previous versions. Also you have voice prompts, traffic, and lookup options. I know other software exists. I have given a few a try... I just always come back to telenav. Also It's part of my plan so... Why not.

JustusIV 11-09-2009 04:36 PM

Re: Getting Pro 2 tomarrow.
Actually i didn't give the full story, They said i didn't have to change plans and told me i could keep my fair and flexible, Which obviously doesn't include the telenav.
For more indepth about my situation check out this thread.

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