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Old 10-21-2009, 05:47 PM
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Full screen video not full screen in wm player (long post)

I have been using orb through pocket IE (not Opera) on my new TP2. I restored a backup file using Sprite Backup from my old mogul to import my contacts, calendar, bookmarks, etc onto my new TP2. Both recorded videos and live TV have worked great for a few weeks. When I went full screen holding the phone sideways (like a TV), the video stretched from the top of the screen to the bottom, no problem! However, I discovered GPS did not work properly on my phone. Long story short, I did a hard reset to see if GPS would work, which it DID, so there was some setting screwed up before.

So, now GPS works and I have restore contacts, etc, so everything works like before EXCEPT full screen video using mobile WM player! The "full screen" now is a reduced box centered on the screen, which makes it much more difficult to see. It is very noticeable and I have tried all kinds of combinations of settings to get this to work, with no luck. When I go into Opera and initiate a video through Orb, it will go full screen, but it is jumpy and effectively useless, as others have pointed out. But when I go back to WM media player the video will NOT go true full screen! I have restored the old backup from a few days ago, and it DOES go true full screen, but again GPS does not work. Obviously, there is some setting that is getting copied from the backup that is giving me the full screen video, and that setting must not be standard or was a "tweak" because I lost it after the hard reset and have not been able to get it back, even with the "tweaks" CAB.

However, after a LOT of experimenting, I believe I have tried to install and uninstall everything that could be the variable, with no luck. The only thing left I can think of is that the original backup I restored from my old mogul may have had some settings that overwrote on the TP2, which gave me a true full screen setting. Is that even possible?

I had previously installed the tweaks CAB from these boards back when full screen worked. After my most recent hard reset, I switched to the "only use after a hard reset" CAB, which I understood to provide the same tweaks. That is the only other variable I can think of at this point.

Does anybody have any experience with full screen video not getting stretched in wm player? Please help!! Sorry for the long post!
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