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kaos 04-30-2010 05:08 PM

Missed Calls
anyone having a issue recieving calls?I have had it on vins neo. mrx and now ngrs april 23rd. Like today my boss said im calling you . im looking right at my phone waiting. full bars. then all of the sudden says i have voicemail didnt even ring. wtf. any know how to beef polling up? i already profile updated. as well as prl. even flashed stock then back to check. doesnt do it all the time only once in awhile. i also task29 when i flash.

sebo 04-30-2010 05:18 PM

Re: Missed Calls
its because windows mobile blows.. i have the same issue once in a while, also get the error popup on unable to connect to vision services due to wrong username/password. usually rebooting the phone fixes the problem for a day or two..

im on stock rom with hardly any hacks..

kaos 04-30-2010 06:33 PM

Re: Missed Calls

Originally Posted by 2freshprince (Post 1728307)
i also had an issue with viewing the caller: Sometimes when people call me my phone rings but I cant view the caller. I procedd with letting them goto voicemail (I dont answer unknown calls) then click the phone and I can see the missed call & Caller.
Otherwise I love Vinn's Roms they are the Best I am using Plutonium V6_SYS.23563

hey no thread hig jacking i seen your thread. lol you dont get caller id. i get nada just voicemail. as far as it a windows issues idk man. i never had this issue from my apache 6700 with windows 5 all the way through mogul touch touch pro and till pro 2. its the pro 2 it started doing it on.

poolmanken 05-01-2010 10:24 AM

Re: Missed Calls
Had that issue with two U.S.C Touch Pro`s. I would constantly have voicemails with no missed calls showing up on my call log or caller i.d. Alot of times i would have no idea that people were calling if they didn`t leave a voicemail, didn`t seem to matter where i was or what kind of reception i was getting. I tried everything soft reset, hard reset and even the replacement T.P had the same problem. U.S.C was really cool about the whole thing and sent me a new T.P2 with only six months into my 2yr contract, havn`t had any issiues with the T.P2 so far.

tarp21 05-01-2010 08:53 PM

Re: Missed Calls
I had the same problem. I missed maybe 4-5 calls that went straight to voicemail (all in the first week of owning phone) since I've had my TP2 now about 1 month. Took it to my local sprint store and the tech there (just telling you what he said) that if I keep the phone in my pocket (which I do,) sometimes the phone will go straight to voicemail because the data connection didn't terminate fast enough to let the call come through, because you lose some signal when phone is in pocket. One fix he said is to disable your data connection and all the programs that auto download, ie., weather, email etc. and manually use your data. You will save on battery as well. You should still receive MMS as they are sent to you (at least this works for me) and I have to turn it off again after receiving them and using all my "data" programs. Small pain but worth it. I made a shortcut to the below directions on my phone so it's easier to disable the data.

If I use the Communication Manager data will turn on by itself sometimes (as this happened to me and others I noticed) Go To, Settings>Connections>Connections icon>Advanced Tab>Select Networks>Set top selector to "My Work Network" This keeps it off until I access data programs.

There are numerous threads on this next fix...search it out. Also I changed the SCI to 0 and ACCOLC to 2. Phone rings faster when someone calls me and my phone searches the tower faster making me a priority over other people when calls come in. (This does reduce battery life some)

All this seems to have worked for me now going on 3 wks without issues. Hope I helped you

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