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bastian74 01-30-2010 04:51 PM

Orb 2.5 keeps buffering on my Tp2...?
I can't get 3gp to stream, it opens in htc media player but wont connect.
I can stream Windows Media but it buffers a lot, even set at 80kbps when my speed test says I have 160 or better.

My pc upload speed is rated at 760kbps and I have it capped at 500kbps.

Also, it appears with 2.5 you cannot directstream? How do you set that up? I'm familiar with networking, just not the application.

Is there any way to use a larger buffer or any other tweaks?

jigwashere 01-30-2010 09:25 PM

Re: Orb 2.5 keeps buffering on my Tp2...?
Try installing Kinoma FreePlay. Under services you can run Orb. I tried it the other day and streamed a 1 hour video recording to my phone. Not HD quality by any stretch, but little to no buffering. It was definitely watchable!

By the way, with direct stream, you need to do some port forwarding (unless you're just using Windows built-in firewall). There are instructions somewhere on Orb's site.

bastian74 01-30-2010 10:33 PM

Re: Orb 2.5 keeps buffering on my Tp2...?
i uninstalled 2.5 and went to 2.1. it seems 2.5 doesnt supporrt direct stream, and streaming thru their proxy was laggy as hell. i bet theres lots of lag in hell.

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