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Unique614 01-28-2010 10:27 PM

Several ?s or issues on the HTC Touch Pro 2
1. when I receive a picture mail the picture is really small, how I can change this?
2. When using the bluetooth I can't hang up the calls and also pushing the hom button the phone call still there and sometimes I click the red end call button and doesn't hang up for a couple of seconds. What can I do to fix this?
3. I have the lock on the phone and when I make a phone call the screen shuts off and if I have to press a number or something I have to unlock the phone and open the phone call screen again and inmmediately go to the home screen so I have to look for the call screen again, how I can fix this?
4. Is there any way that I can separate the text messages and the picture mail?
5. Also with the text message I can't get it to be on by receive order, always change, how can I fix that?
6. while in GPS with the lock, the screen goes off, again how can I fix that?

Sorry for all the questions but I hope to find help here, I like the phone but those things bother me a lot!!

Thanks everybody in advance

cheif_of_smoke 01-28-2010 11:35 PM

Re: Several ?s or issues on the HTC Touch Pro 2
as far as i have read. i might be worng, the pic size in mms's there is nothing you can do. as far as bluetooth, there has been a problem with ending calls via the headset. i dont know of any fixes for the. htc ackknowlegdes the bluetooth problem. to change to received in messages goto massages-all messages, tap on the upper right corner. a menu should pop up. tap on received. now for the other problems i dont have those answers.

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