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cfong 01-28-2010 06:34 PM

align screen appear unexpected
Once in a while I have align screen appear on my phone unexpectedly. I don't know when it happened because it usually happens when I pulled my phone out to make a call, and there it is, it wants me to align screen.

I even had it once when the S2U2 had the phone locked.

Is there a way to disable align screen after the first alignment?

Thank you.

rushco 01-28-2010 06:39 PM

Re: align screen appear unexpected
You hit a key combination and it opens the align screen. Just be careful when you pull your phone out and it won't happen.

Edit: I searched (lol) and found this.


"To access the screen align mode on the Touch Pro 2 you press volume up and volume down at the same time then while those are still pressed tap the screen. This will bring up the alignment screen."

so the volume up and down are pressed and then the screen gets bumped and the align screen shows.

Also 2 more


MB-WI 07-10-2010 06:02 PM

Re: align screen appear unexpected
I have a fix for this!

It is a hardware fix, but it works, and more importantly (for me anyways) it confirmed that 100% of my Align Screen issues were from this "feature".

Here is the fix:
1. Remove the battery cover, and carefully remove the volume button assembly from the rest of the cover by removing the tops of the 2 melted plastic pins. (I spun a small drill bit with my fingers)

2. Take a piece of fine wet/dry sandpaper and tape it to something flat. Put a little water on it, and sand down the buttons so that they are slightly recessed to the battery cover when held back in place.

3. Reinstall the volume button assembly, with a drop of glue on each plastic pin, or re-melt the plastic pins to secure.

This allows you to still easily adjust the volume, but makes it much harder to hit both of them accidentally as you can feel the hole in the battery cover if you are touching it there when taking it out of the case!

Hope this helps!

Pegasus"143" 07-10-2010 06:48 PM

Re: align screen appear unexpected
Ok people 4 threads all talking about the same thing?
And all on the first page, so it isnt like the others were buried somewhere.

Mods please merge.


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