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ac0x 01-21-2010 02:56 PM

Verizon Users on 6.5 using Telenav? QuickGPS "quirk"
Hello Group

Any users out there on Verizon using their 6.5 running Telenav? I am, and I'm getting a "Cradle was not found" popup from QuickGPS whenever I launch it. It's easily bypassed (and doesn't occur in other GPS apps), but a bit annoying (and yes I do have Autodownloaded when connected via ActiveSync turned off)

If you do, some questions

1) (obvious one) Are you getting the same problem?
2) Which version of Telenav are you running? I'm running the 5.5.24 version found in ota.telenav.com under Sprint/HTC (it's the one listed for the Rhodium there), but I'm getting the same problems with all the versions on that page (5.5.18, 5.5.23, and 5.5.24). Note that ALL of these versions worked AOK with 6.1 on the phone

Thanks to all

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