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WBFAir 01-21-2010 08:40 AM

Best & most highest mAh stock fitting battery
Hello all

I was wondering what everyone thought was the best and most highest mAh stock fitting battery?

Just to point out why I have worded this question this way is that I have seen adds for battery's say on eBay from HK that fit in the stock equipment advertised at 2000 mAh but then when actual people have gone to use them most find that they come no where near that. Plus most seem to question who and what these batteries really are and for something like this, I think I would like to go with something more reputable so I have someone to go to if I ever have a problem or it seems like its not meeting its mAh rating.

At this point I was looking at the Mugen 1800 one and its priced at about $33.99 at their site which isn't bad, but one, I'm not really sure how much only 200 extra mAh per hour is going to make, so is it worth it when my battery works just fine but is just 200 mAh less?

So then two I was wondering if there were any other reputable brands that had anything more in mAh so that it would make upgrading worth it but again, it needs to be able to fit in the stock device.

Thanks for any help.

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