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KCHruby 01-17-2010 09:09 PM

Pocket Mechanic Pro (Sprint HTC Touch Pro 2)
Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

I'm using an Touch Pro 2 with Sprint and running WM 6.1

I recently purchased Pocket Mechanic Pro version 2.99.280. The main reason for purchasing Pocket Mechanic was to speed my phone up after I installed the new Mobile Shell 3.5; which seemed to have slowed my phone down a bit.

Now for the question--has anybody found a good user's manual for Pocket Mechanic Pro. I know the program itself comes with a sentence or two explaining each of the tools but I was looking for something that explains the software a bit more.

To be honest--and probably to sound like an idiot--I don't understand a good portion of the tools in Pocket Mechanic and if I don't udnerstand then, I'm sure I'm not getting everything out of the program that I should be. Most of them seem to only work on the SC Card and not the phone iteslef.

So, does anybody either have some good advice about how to get the most out of Pocket Mechanic Pro or at least know where I can find a good, pdf that explains all the tools.



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