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digiblur 01-08-2010 12:28 AM

Finally got a TP2! Love it!
Well after 8 TP's in about 9 months, I finally picked one up from Asurion after losing my phone. The money was well spent since I was tired of playing the Sprint repair game with the TPs and the flakey keyboards.

I loaded up MightyRom since I used to use his on the TP. I'm loving the new features and the killer screen real estate. Everything just seems so smooth on this phone. The battery life is awesome! I was usually burning about 50% of my battery during a normal work day. Even after toying with this even more I had 80% battery when I left work for the day. I never even did that with old Mogul.

Only thing I'm going to miss is the flashlight from the TP, but that's not enough to hold me back.

I did a bit of cooking in the Mogul days for a few friends and myself....going to take a crack at it again with the TP2.

nirvanafreak919 01-08-2010 12:46 AM

Re: Finally got a TP2! Love it!
Definatly worth buying for sure. I just got mine back, and i cant help but bring it out every once in a while and mess with it.

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