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spacejam 12-13-2009 10:01 AM

[29 Dec 09] [WM6.5] [WWE/ITA] SpaceJade 1.2.1 - CE OS 5.2.3820 (Build 21887)
First of all, let me say sorry for my howlers in english... :) :)



Hi all,
after working hard for so many weeks and the last days spent in testing this release, it's now time to share with the Jade community here @ PPCGeeks my own new ROM based on WM6.5 Pro. In my opinion it seems to be stable and fast, a good balance between new look, performance, stability and new HTC stuff.

This ROM is based on the final & official WM6.5 Pro build 21887, WWE 0409 localization and you can choose between two versions, the Lite and the Standard ones.
Because of I really like iContact, I had also include this iPhone looks like MS contact replacement, you can choose to use it or not.

Removed Modules & Packages

From MS WM6.5 SYS Folder:
  • ADC, Autoupdate, Customer Feedback, Error Reporting, Irda, LiveSearch, RemoteDesktop Mobile, RingAndAlerts, SampleMusic, SkyBox, SkyMarket, SQLCE Mobile, SQM, Themes, Transcriber, VoIP, VoiceCommand, WelcomeCenter, WindowsLive, WMWidgets
From HTC OEM Packages Folder:
  • Comment Feedback, TouchFlo 2D (aka Manila 2D), Opera, VoiceSpeedDial, BTBPP/BTFtp

Software in bundle
Differences between Lite and Standard version

The only difference between versions is the "software bundle", in the Lite version I also removed the following modules & packages:

From MS WM6.5 SYS Folder:
  • FWUpdate, IPSecVPN, Office, OneNote
From HTC OEM Packages Folder:
  • AdobeReader, AudioBooster, Facebook, Java, LongPressEndKey, RandomAccess, RSSHub, Streaming Media, Voice Recorder, BTSAP, OOBE, IME Tutorial
From Software in bundle:
  • BlueTooth Audio, CHome Editor, cleanRAM, Marathon, Skype, Total Commander, WiFi FoFum, HTC MP3 Trimmer, HTC Mobile Wi-Fi Router, Games

How to install
  • You need Touch 3G Hard-SPL (HardSPLV5.2 now) for this ROM. Your Tricolor bootloader screen have to show 2.xx.olinex, to check it switch off jade; press volume down key and power key to go to bootloader. For more info Jade / Touch 3G Hard-SPL
  • Download the file of the desired version from post #4
  • Use shipped RUU or customRUU to flash the cooked ROM
  • Hard Reset after 1st boot
  • Enjoy

Thanks to

Thanks to all the guys @ XDA, especially thanks to all the VIP members, the real gurus of WindowsMobile.
This is a great community, so keep up the great job!!

spacejam 12-13-2009 10:03 AM

[ROM] [WM6.5] [WWE/ITA] SpaceJade ROM [Standard, Lite]
Screenshots (from WWE-0409 version)


Technical Specifications
  • SYS/XIP: WM6.5 Pro (21887) - CE OS 5.2.3820 LANG 0409/0410 DPI 96 QVGA RESH 240 RESV 320 (December 16, 2009) COM2
  • PagePool: 12 Mb.
  • NetCF 3.7
  • Full integration of all the official OEM Packages from HTC Mega
  • Some integration from HTC Leo OEM Packages
  • EzInput 2.1 100% working: settings, vibrate, input methods, all XT9 languages
  • 9-Buttons HTC CommManager
  • No TouchFlo 2D (aka Manila 2D) interface (And it'll never have !! So please, don't ask me for a Manila 2D version. You can find so many great Manila ROMs @ XDA)
  • CHome aka Titanium GUI with these pulgins: HeroClock, ATContacts, Comm Manager, CSettings, Notification
  • Worldwide weather forecast based on Accuweather.com
  • Mortscript 4.3b11
  • Some HTC OEM Packages from Jade WWE/ITA Rom 2.32.408.1 Build 20771

The CHome Graphical User Interface

In this Jade ROM I decided to use CHome aka Titanium WM6.5 native GUI instead of HTC TouchFlo 2D "Manila 2D".
To implement the main functions directly from the Home I also used 5 plugins found @ XDA written by other great guys...
I just applied some bug-fixes & new implementations, some graphical layout adjustments and finally cooked them into the ROM.
Please, for more information and questions refer to the original thread as follow:

spacejam 12-13-2009 10:05 AM

[ROM] [WM6.5] [WWE/ITA] SpaceJade ROM [Standard, Lite]
New HTC Mega & Leo Enhancement (from WWE-0409 version)


Issues & Bugs report
  • Wrong size of Hero Clock (flashing & zooming, it usually happens only at 1st boot after flash). BTW, to fix it touch the bottom-right label "Setup/Options" and choose "Reload plugin".
  • HTC SoundSetting works, but sometimes it doesn't refresh the page after a setting was changed
  • Using HTC SoundSetting you can't set the profile to "Automatic". Only "Normal", "Vibrate" and "Silent" work
  • Auto backlight adjust may have some problem due to the new HTC Power from Leo
  • Sometimes Hero Clock stucks, this is related to the weather auto-update feature. Your Jade needs a soft-reset to have the clock back to work
  • CHome in landscape mode needs some text aligment adjustment
  • ...I'm waiting for your test and feedback, for real !! Any suggestions will be really appreciated

Todo List
  • Implement a link to "HTC New email account Wizard" directly from Titanium Notification plugin

Compatibility List
  • TomTom Navigator Ver. 7.916.9189

Wish List
  • A WM6.5 Native Kernel for Jade (Without it all we can only dream about the real WM6.5 on Jade) :( :( :(

spacejam 12-13-2009 10:06 AM

[ROM] [WM6.5] [WWE/ITA] Download SpaceJade ROM
Change log
  • Ver. 1.2.2 (The next release)
    • Upgrade to WM6.5 Build 21889 CE OS 5.2.3822 (January 8, 2010) COM2
    • The italian 0410 version is now available for download
    • Hero Clock stucks if weather autoupdate is set to ON fixed
    • VOIP/VOIPOS core OS packages are back in any versions
    • General optimisations
    • and more...
  • Ver. 1.2.1 (Current release)
    • Upgrade to WM6.5 Build 21887 CE OS 5.2.3820 (December 16, 2009) COM2
    • UC Customization added (just place your files (cabs, xml, reg, mscr) files in the directory Cabs on your SDCard)
    • Long Press End Key issue fixed
    • Weather update works also through ActiveSync or USB_PC now
    • SMS WakeUp Event fixed
    • Typo mistake: CHeroCLock <--> CHeroClock fixed. Now you can disable it
    • "Internet Sharing" is no longer removed from any versions
    • Now in the Ultra Lite & Clean version is only present the standard Home from Microsoft WM6.5
    • Games removed from Standard ROM. I'll provide a separate Game version
    • Some minor imperfections have been solved
    • New RadioButton, CheckBox, ComboBox and Button in WM6.5.3 style
    • Some minor cosmetics and GFX adjustments have been added
  • Ver. 1.2
    • Switch to the official WM6.5 Build 21884 CE OS 5.2.3818 (December 3, 2009) COM2
    • Full HTC Mega final OEM Packages integration
    • Some new HTC Leo OEM Packages integration: Power, Date and Time Picker (thanks D_Train)
    • Bluetooth now works properly
    • HTC Album can play video correctly now
    • All issues related to email have been solved
    • ROM optimized for performance. Anyway, after 1st boot the Jade has more then 55% free memory
    • New Hero Clock graphics layout (now more similar to the HTC ones)
    • New weather autoupdate function, thru Data Connections or Wi-Fi only
    • Contacts Manager Selector: you can choose between iContact or MS Outlook (Start->Configurations->Contacts Manager)
    • GPS Mod Driver - Working Lag Fix, GeoCaching Fix (read more here)
    • New menu structure & layout
    • New menu icons
    • New SpaceJade theme (Blue Mega Style)
    • Some minor cosmetics
    • Software in bundle add-on
      • Facebook
      • Marathon
      • Skype
      • GPS Weather Radar (also integrated in Hero Clock)
      • Rotate Screen
      • Soft Reset
      • Some Games
  • Ver. 1.1
    • All the HTC Mega Enhancement
    • More HTC Mega OEM Packages integration
    • EzInput 2.1 fully working now
    • Registry KEY Tweak
    • Memory optimization
    • Software in bundle add-on
      • HTC Mobile Wi-Fi Router
      • HTC MP3 Trimmer
      • cleanRAM
  • Ver. 1.0 (Initial release)

Download link ( RAR/Zip password: spacejam@XDA )


WARNING, you're going to format all of your data on your phone. Flashing unofficial ROMs will invalidate your warranty and you can make your device unusable. Do it at your own responsability.
HotFixes & Add-ons
  • SJ12_WM6.5_001.cab [Mirror] - Enable weather update also through ActiveSync or USB_PC (ONLY for the 1.2 version. Must be installed on device)

Useful Links
For Italian speaking people only

Ciao a tutti,
purtroppo per la versione italiana di questa ROM temo dobbiate attendere qualche settimana, molti impegni di lavoro mi impediscono di dedicare il tempo necessario a questo progetto e rendere stabile e completa la versione Italiana partendo da quella finale in Inglese richiede ancora molto lavoro.
Mi scuso quindi per l'inconveniente e vi invito a provare ad utilizzare temporaneamente la versione WWE e a tornare a visitare queste pagine nelle prossime settimane.

A presto.

[Aggiornamento 23/12/09]
Utilizzerò il periodo festivo per terminare la ROM in versione Italiana. Abbiate quindi pazienza fino ai primi giorni del nuovo anno.

Omgwtfccb 01-13-2010 02:00 PM

Re: [29 Dec 09] [WM6.5] [WWE/ITA] SpaceJade 1.2.1 - CE OS 5.2.3820 (Build 21887)
hi..can u do it for me?

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