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Big D5 09-18-2007 02:19 PM

Interesting side note about Flight Mode :?:
Ok so flight mode is all radios off, bluetooth, wifi, and phone. Tap this icon in wireless manager and everything turns off, not good for me I like to listen to my music on my bluetooth stereo headset when I am on the plane, so here is the issue. I don't want to crash the plane (not likely) so I turn off my cellular service (phone only not flight mode), this is fine but than I notice that wifi has mysteriously turned on, NO the switch is off I checked, turning the switch on than off again will turn wifi off for a while than BAM its on again. Here is whats going on when there is on cellular service ActiveSync is trying to connect through the wifi to sync with mail2web not sure why. This happens when I am using Internet sharing as well, weird because why would I be using Internet sharing if I have wifi. I set ActivSync schedule to manual and this stops. So here is the question because I haven't done a hard reset in a while I am trying to see how long I can go without a hare reset but that's another thread, can anyone confirm this behavior? I want to make sure this isn't from something I have loaded

dishe 09-18-2007 02:29 PM

you're right, that IS bizzare, especially because up until this point I was under the impression that the hardware switch PHYSICALLY SHUT OFF the WiFi radio, and no amount of software could enable it.
(all software attempts to control WiFi have been unsuccesful with the switch in the off position)

This is news to me.

Anyway, to fix your problem you need to close the data connection before closing the phone connection. Yes, forcing the phone radio to shut off will automatically close your data connection, but if you have push enabled it will continuously try to connect. If you disable it first, it will suspend push until you're ready to turn it back on.
Another thing to try would be to hit flight mode, and then enable ONLY bluetooth. Flight mode effectively shuts the data connection first for you.

By the way, airlines restrict ALL wireless communications. Using your cellphone won't crash the plane either, but they don't allow it because it would be too complicated to explain what you CAN and CAN'T do to every passenger. Bluetooth in the air IS prohibited, which is why the Moto Stereo (820s?) headphones have an optional wired attachment... listen via A2DP in the terminal, plug in the wire for "flight mode".

Sure, you could take the rules into your own hands and say "I know BT won't crash this plane", but then again you might as well just leave your phone on!

Firon 09-18-2007 04:45 PM

I've seen WiFi turn itself on several times with the switch in the off position.

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