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dishe 07-30-2007 01:57 PM

Direct Draw... what gives??
So, why does Direct Draw have such issues on the Titan?
I've noticed that graphic-intensive apps that use direct draw respond very poorly versus ones that don't.
TCMP, for example, had an awful frame rate until I unchecked use DD, and some games that apparently use DirectDraw run very poorly compared to older, slower devices (The 200Mhz Wizard plays these sorts of games and apps much better).

I've also noticed that media player has trouble streaming video full screen with Orb, and anyone who's used Slingplayer is aware of the problem as well.

As far as I understand it, Direct Draw is supposed to just be a driver to make applications more efficient when using the screen, correct? Did HTC mess up writing the DD drivers on this device?
What gives?

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