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tef@duke.edu 07-20-2007 05:14 PM

Powering Off/On
This may be a stupid question but after an hour playing around with my mogul I can't figure it out. I just updated my to the new ROM 2.09 and I noticed that when I power down my phone now, it seems that the phone function is disabled first (causing the device to make the "airplane mode" sound) and then the power is turned off, it wasnt doing that before the upgrade, is that new? Did I miss a setting somewhere or is there a reg hack to fix that? Somebody please help, its so annoying!

Big D5 07-20-2007 05:26 PM

I think they did that because most people would think that the PPC radio is off when you hit the power off button. Annoying yes but probably a good idea don't want someone to think the phone is off when it isn't. Otherwise why would you turn the phone off, its not the same as a soft reset everything doesnt reset with the power down. The radio is turned back on when the PPC is powered up so what difference dose it make you aren't going to get any calls when the power is off.

ImCoKeMaN 07-20-2007 05:30 PM

You can also just tap the power button to put it in standby/suspend mode so you can still recieve calls and it won't make the radio off sound.

TurboFool 07-20-2007 06:10 PM

I'm also a little confused. Is this when you just hit the power button to put it in standby, or when you hold the button to truly power it off? If it's when you power it off, what does it matter whether or not it shuts off the radio since the device can't receive calls when turned off anyway?

tef@duke.edu 07-20-2007 07:30 PM

I think you guys have missed the point. Obviously when the phone is off the radio is off, and I shouldn't and don't care about that. I am referring to powering down the phone completely.

When you hold the power button down there is a prompt that asks if you want to turn the power completely off, it used to be that when I replied yes the phone powered off completely and immediately. Now when you reply yes to that prompt, the working icon appears and the radio turns off (this make the radio off/airplane mode sound) then the phone turns off completely.

My question is, is there away to skip that step and have the phone power down as soon as you reply yes, and if not is there a way to disable the sound the phone makes when it turns off the radio.

Hope this is more clear.

ImCoKeMaN 07-20-2007 08:20 PM

You can try using a shorter/blank wav file for the radio off sound. if the change was just after the rom it could have been to correct cases where there were problems before with not shutting down smoothly.

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