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challgren 06-19-2007 04:25 PM

Sprint Telesales SUCKS!!!
So yesterday I ordered the Mogul and today I got the freaking PPC6700 the same damn phone I have. I'm now on hold with Telesales for the past hour. Man has anyone else had this horrible support with Sprint and Telesales. My first issue was when I first switched from Nextel to Sprint they sent me a PPC6700 that the radio didn't work on. Guess they never tested it from the warehouse. Then they refused to send me a new one til I sent the old one back that already had my number ported to. Which left me without a cell phone for a couple days. Luckly a store near me had one in stock and was able to help me out and get me service. Also they don't like to put a apartment number on their shipping label which left UPS to take the package back to the facility which is 2 hours away. They couldn't call me because Sprint ported my number to the cell phone. Yeah fun time.

Pibe38 06-19-2007 04:27 PM

Please keep your purchasing experiences for this device on this thread...


I will quote you on it to merge the threads, thank you.

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