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kinesis 12-15-2008 12:41 PM

HTC USB Modem Driver with Rev A Baud Rate?
Only internet sharing app lets me utilize the Rev A speeds, Wmodem will not. This is due to the fact WModem only allows a 920kbits/sec baud rate. Anyone have a modified driver or driver that will allow 1100kbits/sec++ or its theoretical maximum bandwidth?

The ICS application lets me use rev a speeds but its too unreliable, disconnects and gives me problems. WModem is real solid, I wish I could get it to support Rev A speeds. I looked at the INF file, I dont see any way to visibily edit the baud rate. Help would be appreciasted thanks.

the limitation is in the driver within both windows xp and vista - not the wmodem.exe application on the phone itself.

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