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btatum 12-11-2008 08:19 PM

Alltel Titan Issues resolved for me...
I've only had my titan for about 4 months, but it wasn't long after I relized I needed to browse these forums, I searched and tried everything I could see on this site, I flashed to three different official roms, and just recently the newest from the HTC site and it was the same old story...

Phone freezing up every 3-4 hours. I would reset the phone before bed and pray it would stay up long enough for my SPB backup to activate about 3:30am and reset it again so I wouldn't miss an important midnight call (sometimes it happens).

I tried the bluetooth stuff, I tried the activesync, I tried every setting. played in the registry (I'm not that bad of a tweaker.. I know my way around) I wanted to post something but so many others had.

So here's my fix.
I got my alltel account while doing work in temple texas, but living in Palestine Texas and had all my other phones for the last 4 years here in palestine with the temple number. I never paid the flashing roam triangle any mind because I'm on the national freedom plan.
I decided to change my number yesterday morning.. no more roam indicator... and not one single freeze-up or soft-reset in the last 33 hours.

The only problem I can even mention now is sometimes after not using it for a while and I try to answer a call it will HANG with the incoming call dialog up until the last second and then answer it, and sometimes it won't answer it and will come up as a missed call, even if I push answer immediatly and repeatidly. but I don't care.

I am REALLY pleased with this phone now... and I dread going anywhere to make it show roam again..... is there something anyone knows about this?

Billy T... also, I'm new to registering to this forum, but I've been browsing for months.

swjpilot 12-11-2008 08:41 PM

Re: Alltel Titan Issues resolved for me...
I am having that same Hanging issue when answering the phone with my PPC 6800 using DCD 3.3.4 ROM. Anyone have any ideas what is causing this?

hammondfra 12-11-2008 11:28 PM

Re: Alltel Titan Issues resolved for me...
My phone started doing the same thing. I am still running the original ROM the phone came with...I do know with the Altell merger with Verizon, they may have loaded up new stuff to the phones to access the verizon network; but I have no official info on that. My phone constantly locks up, hangs-up during calls, drops calls, no one can hear me about 60% of the time and had to hard reset it to get the problems to stop. They came back about 4 days later even worse. I have absolutly no 3rd part aps on the phone now and Altell is all but short of saying it is my fault the phone is not working correctly.

btatum 12-12-2008 12:00 AM

Re: Alltel Titan Issues resolved for me...
I would try getting the new release that updates it to WM 6.1 it was released in october this year, go to http://www.htc.com/us/supportdownloa..._id=63&act=all

this is for the alltel ppc6800...

I have my phone tweaked now beyond recognition.. htc home plugin + customizer, Second Today screen,weather plugins, registry tweaks, volume tweaks, PocketCM+Imageviewer+keyboard, MusicID, TONS OF GAMES. and much more..... but all of this with only that every 10th incoming call hang. I reach over every hours or so expecting the phone to be froze, or for it to be asking for my password that won't work...
but it's not. I thought this phone was a lost cause.

Another thing, as far as signal goes this phone is not intended for out of city life, I work around a 9 county area and it dropped calls way more than my razr so I got that wilson 24" antenna.. and I can't believe the places I go now!!

Friend of mine was really getting annoying with her G1.... I got her now!


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