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Mylt1 12-02-2008 11:45 AM

password problem
back story, i have an Alltel 6800, flashed to vzn and running the ppc kitchen. everything kinda works how i want it to software wise but one problem i have is the damn things keeps forgetting the password to send and receive pic(MMS) messages. i have to reenter the password several times before i can send a pic and i dont even want to go into how many times it takes me to receive one. this has been my only downfall for this phone. i have tried several versions of the arcsoft software with no change. everything is correct in EPST but under the connections settings the password just wont stay. anyone have any ideas on what it could be? im at my whits end over this.

OH, and yes, i have searched, im not a noob.

elmerfudpucker 12-02-2008 01:01 PM

Re: password problem
Some guys smms is what i use, I got the sprint one too but it sucks, takes forever for it to get thru.

weedahoe 12-02-2008 03:05 PM

Re: password problem
Since you are on VZW, what Acrsoft version are you using?

If you want, uninstall your old one and install this one here which is version

Mylt1 12-03-2008 11:23 AM

Re: password problem
i have used both the and the newest for vzn still no joy. the password still wont stay locked. i can go under the connections tab one time and its there, then the next its gone and i have to enter it in. im about ready to chunk this thing into the bay.

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