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g1genius 09-30-2008 10:38 AM

How do I know if my phone is unlocked?
As described in the threads of this forum I used the Olipro 2.4 to unlock my qwest mogul for the purpose of activating on the Sprint network. I then flashed the latest Sprint ROM as found on HTC's site. Assuming this would unlock my mogul, I called Sprint to activate and they said it was "still active on another account" and could not be activated. I know for a fact that the phone was deactivated from the Qwest account of the person I bought it from. How do I know if the unlock process worked?

weedahoe 09-30-2008 01:46 PM

Re: How do I know if my phone is unlocked?
Unlocking it to install a custom ROM and unlocking it to use on a different carrier are two totally different things and you have them mixed up sir.........sry to break you bubble

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