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chewyma 07-25-2008 12:10 AM

New ESN???
So I was messing around wtih different ROMS.. I changed over to the new Sprint ROM, but were having issues connecting the data so I decided that I wanted to go back. I reinstalled DCD 3.2.3.. but I'm still in Roaming.. I check the device info and saw that my Current Username and ESN had changed.. from mynumber@vz3w.com to 3662e623@hcm.sprint.. How the hell did I do this and how can I change it back?

I did run the dcd Verizon CAp but that doesn't appear to have done anything.. as well as soft/hard reset..

Any suggestions?

banzaiwolfe 07-25-2008 01:57 AM

Re: New ESN???
I think you probably let Sprint Customizations run when you installed the Sprint ROM, that's the format that my phone shows on a fresh install before data provisioning, I'm on Sprint. I don't know the fix for it unfortunately, but I believe it's been brought up either here or at XDA, or both. You'll probably just have to try searching for it, unless someone else knows where to find it. Sorry I couldn't help more than that.

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