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007_Mogul 07-23-2008 10:11 PM

New Rom W/ Wm6.1
FYI: I just found out this latest ROM version takes my 6GB MicroSDHC card w/ no problems whatsoever! It might even take an 8GB. Has anyone tried it yet? I was a lil depressed when it would only read up to 2GB on version 2.14 when I first bought this device. So I didn't bother with it anymore. Then I decided to try it one more time w/ version 3.35 but ummm... long story short... I am lovin' this new ROM version more and more!:drunken:

arparent 07-23-2008 10:32 PM

Re: New Rom W/ Wm6.1
The previous rom worked with 8 as well.

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