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Escort00 06-23-2008 12:14 AM

Not connecting anymore via USB
Hello there, im having a problm with my Mogul which the main reason of buying it was to connect it as a modem for my PS3. Well let say i downloaded the wifirouter etc and bridge tru LAN and wireless and VOilaA it was connected...but damn too slow. So i decided to connect it by USB like i did the first time i used my Mogul as a PAM. Yesterday i also updated my Mogul to the new ROM from Sprint/HTC and since then whenver i try to connect it to the laptop via USB it says " check USB connection" and it wont connect but if i do the Wi Fi thing (use the wifirouter prog it will work. so now im concerned about that. I dont know and dont have a clue where is the problem. Is still try to connect tru Phone As Modem connection but it always gives me the error. If someone please could help me or guide me thanksss

gTen 06-23-2008 03:33 AM

Re: Not connecting anymore via USB
I don't think you can connect it via USB directly to a PS3...you'd first have to connect to to a desktop/laptop and share the connection. (atleast not without soem driver hacking)

Or WifiRouter which does WIFI...as for speed..you can run a speed test in general to see if it "measures up" to the speed required to play the games. But you will probably experience lag here and there regardless :/

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